free forex trading journal spreadsheet
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Free forex trading journal spreadsheet michael j. huddleston forex

Free forex trading journal spreadsheet

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The platform automatically imports your trades for you to add comments, filter and analyse in order to increase your edge in the markets. The benefit of TraderSync is the fact the platform works in all markets including forex, stock, futures and options. Edgewonk combines journalling and a trading diary to provide a great analysis tool for forex traders looking to improve their edge. The tool works on all devices and comes with a trade simulator, data filters, graphs, multiple journals and a notebook for screenshots!

Everything you would ever need to successfully journal all of your trading activity. Click here to look at my full review of Edgewonk, looking at my experience, pros, cons and why you should be using the tool! TrackFx is a brand new analysis platform for forex traders to track, analyse and journal trades in detail. The platform uses technology to provide value metrics to traders looking to increase their edge in the markets. TrackFx allows traders to import data from a range of brokers, then provides completely objective statistics.

For more holistic traders, the lack of subjectivity maybe an issue, but for numbers driven traders — this is a great choice of a trading journal! Have a read here of my full review, looking at the pros and cons of the software! I would highly recommend journalling your trades in a simple spreadsheet if you have knowledge of how to work with Excel! Evernote is a very useful tool for traders journalling trades. Although you will need to be manually adding trades on Evernote, the customisation and ability to add screenshots is a huge selling point.

Not only that, Evernote has a completely free plan to test the waters! Tradervue is a very simple forex journalling tool for traders. The tool allows traders to import trade data, then analyse simple metrics to look at profitability and various other factors. A simple but great tool for forex traders! You can store trades in different folders and Notion makes it very simple to pull data when you need to compile reports.

If you want to get news of the most recent updates to our guides or anything else related to Forex trading, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter. What Is Forex? Please disable AdBlock or whitelist EarnForex. Thank you! EarnForex Education Guides. Features Here are some of the features of the trading journal that you can download further below: A Welcome sheet with some basic information you can safely delete it after reading.

A Currency Pairs sheet that serves to put in your currency pair settings for quick referencing and for decimal place counts. You can ignore it, but then you won't be able to benefit from decimal places formatting; also you won't be able to just enter a small number instead of typing in the entire currency pair name each time.

The number of pips for profit and loss is calculated automatically. A Commission column that can also be used to record rebates if you receive them from your broker. A Swap column to record the swaps you pay or get from the broker.

An Analysis sheet to provide detailed analysis of your trading performance. Scalpers and intraday traders wouldn't probably need some of the columns Close date or Swaps for example but they would maybe want to track the trade length.

Only first 1, rows are filled with formulas. If you hit the limit, just copy and paste formulas from the final row as far down as you need. However, the more filled rows you have, the slower the journal will work. It is recommended to create a new trading journal file for each new year or for each new month if you are scalping. Explaining the columns Let's look at the example journal that has been filled with some random trades. Currency Pairs sheet This is where you define your currency pairs with a quick reference number and a number of decimal places.

The second column is required for technical reasons: Analysis The Analysis sheet becomes the most interesting one after you log some trades. You can set the maximum iterations value to 1: If you have any suggestions or if you find any bugs in this Forex trading journal spreadsheet, please report them on our forum.

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