tajima machine basics of investing
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Tajima machine basics of investing

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Should you save or invest Start embroidering as soon as your SAI arrives. Two types of essential embroidery frames are included in the package as standard: Full-size and small. From the training session on your newly installed Tajima embroidery machine to our 2 year onsite warranty, our UK based team are here to support you in every way. Tajima began sewing machine manufacture in and have been Innovating, designing, and building world-leading embroidery machines since SAI was born from the voices of our customers SAI is a compact embroidery machine packed with Tajima's technology and know-how. So, switching up to more powerful, higher-level machines is smoothly accomplished.
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Fabric stretching Fix the fabric in the state of full stretch so that no lines remain on the fabric. For multi head machine When you attach frame holder or square frame, detach the border frame sash 1. The number of clips and their length differ depending on frame size.

Perform equal arrangement by using all clips. CAUTION When you step on the table to perform working, perform the working near the spot where the table support is set as close as possible only the model in which table supports are packed together. If thread does not pass to each section correctly, it is not possible to make normal stitching not possible to embroider. In addition, thread breakage sensor will malfunction to stop the machine.

Code Nos. How to use adjusting lever 1. To raise the lever. Please perform adequate tension adjustment that is suitable to fabric or type of thread to use, conditions etc. Under thread tension a When not using a measuring gauge When you shake the bobbin case 3 up and down lightly in the state of under thread 1 in the figure not hooked to the thread guide coil 2 , standard tension 20 to 35 g makes the bobbin case 3 descend slowly.

Tightening it will make tension tighter. Please make good use of them sold separately. Upper thread tension Adjust tension with thread apart from the thread presser 2 illustration A below. Perform adjustment at the second tension 3 while pulling out thread so that tension becomes to g. Timing between needle and rotary hook The timing timing between needle and rotary hook when the needle 1 meets the hook point 2 of rotary hook is very important. When the needle 1 moves up, the loop 4 generated under the fabric 3 affects finishing of sewing.

The description below only shows the relation between a needle and a rotary hook. This does not mean recommendation of adjustment of timing between needle and rotary hook. Main shaft angle shows timing between needle and rotary hook. Presser foot When height of the presser foot 2 against the fabric 1 is improper, a gap will occur between the fabric 1 and the needle plate 3.

That will cause thread breakage, skip stitch, or bad thread tension. It is necessary to adjust height of presser foot according to fabric thickness. Turn OFF the power. After setting needle position to the first needle, rotate the main shaft counterclockwise correct rotation by using the T-wrench 1.

Loosen the screw 2 to detach the cover 3 figure b below. Loosen the screw 4 , and tighten the screw 4 with the presser foot 5 touching fabric urethane 6 in this example lightly. Adjust the second needle and after by the same manner figure c below. After adjusting of one head, check if height of presser foot is almost the same at any needle bar visually broken line part in the figure d below. When thread breakage occurs, the machine will stop at once. It is possible to change sensitivity of thread breakage detection on the operation panel.

When you move the lever 3 two or three steps , finishing of sewing will change perform adjustment according to need. Changing this timing will improve finishing of sewing. It is possible to change upper thread lock timing on the operation panel. Other usage of the frame according to application is also available. For details, please ask the distributor for information. Distributed by: Tajima Industries Ltd.

Tajima Machine Basics. Go explore. Choosing your Tajima Industrial Embroidery Machine Embroidery machines are ones that use colored stitches to create a design or pattern. What are the types of Tajima embroidery machines? There are different machines to choose from. These are: Combined sewing embroidery machines: These machines are computerized.

They have adjustable settings and can use both a single and multi-needle head. You can choose either depending on your project. Single-needle embroidery machines : These are the basic Tajima embroidery machines with a removable embroidery unit. They are easy to use and are good for more general projects or intricate stitch patterns.

They have only one head made of a needle, thread, bobbin, and other components that are part of the product. It has a single point of hoop attachment. Multi-needle embroidery machines : This is a more professional machine that can have anywhere between needles with different colors on each one. You do not have to replace the thread so often.

Instead, you simply change the needle. They can hold two points of hoop attachments, and the head makes stitches. What types of machines are there based on embroidery? Based on the types of embroidery processes, these machines fall into two categories: Free-motion machine: The benefit of this one is the control of the machines direction by the embroider as well as the stitching and needle size.

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EMBROIDERY Basic Machine Set-up \u0026 Functions

Get a hard working embroidery machine for a small investment! Tajima has long excelled in the development of techniques and devices that satisfy professional. Garment related Machines and we promote the TAJIMA embroidery Machines. it is ensured that the investment made on Our TAJIMA Embroidery machines are. A recognised leader in high-quality embroidery machines, Tajima is today for designers in India thought about investing in an embroidery machine.