example of investment in human capital
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Example of investment in human capital usd/zar investing for dummies

Example of investment in human capital

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Because these programs ultimately save workers time and help them become better at their jobs, savvy companies typically see them as investments in human capital. Bridgit Bench is a particularly powerful human resources investment. With it, construction companies achieve optimal workforce management flows. The tool places key human capital-related data such as workforce utilization rates within a few clicks, allowing managers to make confident staffing decisions.

With some human resources investments, companies also risk competing firms reaping the rewards in the event of employees jumping ship. The following benefits of human capital investments provide insight into why construction companies are often willing to accept these risks. According to statistics compiled by Autodesk , construction faces an industry-wide turnover rate of It should come as no surprise, then, that improving employee retention rates is a top priority among many construction management professionals.

Investments in human capital can help achieve this. Keeping workers on the payroll is not cheap. As discussed in this article , construction labor costs include not only wages but also federal and state unemployment benefit premiums. A noteworthy benefit of increasing human capital is that these costs will subsequently deliver even greater rewards.

Look at it this way. GCs can now see the financial impact of underutilized labor and reallocate people, intelligently, with the new Bridgit Bench Cost module. Investments in human capital force you to become a better steward of your workforce management data. After all, that data will ultimately help you identify the ideal areas in which to invest.

A track record of supporting professional development may also keep you from having to pay higher wages than your competitors to recruit top talent. Investment in human capital is important because it helps construction companies identify workers capable of providing even greater value in other roles.

If one employee displays a natural ability to use the equipment effectively, it may be wise to involve them in projects that rely heavily on it. Investments in human capital encourage employees to work together and identify improvements that will directly benefit them. Those investments often prompt the opening of communication lines between departments and management levels, allowing human capital to flow more freely within the organization.

Cohesion is an asset! Check out this article for some additional tips on using technology to improve communication within your construction company. Workers in the construction industry come from a whole slew of different economic and social backgrounds.

This may keep workers from tapping into their full potential. The qualities that contribute to human capital, particularly education and health—also directly contribute to economic growth. Countries that suffer from limited or unequal access to health or educational resources also suffer from depressed economies.

As in the United States, the countries with the most successful economies have continued to increase their investments in higher education, while still seeing a steady increase in the starting salary of college graduates. Indeed, the first step most developing countries take to advance is to improve the health and education of their people. Hoping to emphasize the importance of education and health resources, the World Bank publishes an annual Human Capital Index Map demonstrating how access to education and health resources affect the productivity, prosperity, and quality of life in nations worldwide.

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Human Capital Theory

firehousehouston.com › blog › human-capital-examples. Like physical capital – such as buildings or machinery – human capital can be 'accumulated', usually through investment in education, training. Human capital theory holds that it is possible to quantify the value of these investments to employees, employers, and society as a whole.