value investing congress 2014 presentations plus
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Value investing congress 2014 presentations plus kamalavalli paazee forex

Value investing congress 2014 presentations plus

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The mortality rate of hedge funds with more than a billion dollars of assets under management is very high. I think about that every time we rise to that level through retained earnings. I would like to think that we practice prudence over greed. How does the Sea Cow relate to investing? He gave as an example a restaurant stock, which would have a more difficult time adapting to a slowdown in the economy than an oil and gas company.

Another short anecdote: I was hanging out in the audience at the Pasadena Value Investing Congress in when Carlo sat down beside me. We had quick chat and he was lovely guy. Another hedge fund manager lamented to Cannell about the high cost of activist campaigns. All I spend is the cost of the stamp to send a letter. For more information on Cannell or the other speakers, click here.

Disclosure: I get a commission if you buy through this link. Above all, I am a deep value guy. Know that the commission is well spent. This offer expires in 8 days , so get your ticket now using dicount code: N10GB4. The Value Investing Congress is the place for value investors from around the world to network with other value investors. I went to the May event earlier this year in Pasadena, and it was well worth it. The speakers seem to mingle freely and are generally available for a chat.

This offer expires midnight on July Use using dicount code: N10GB4 and get your ticket now. The wisdom gained listening to these great investors is difficult to overstate. You must use discount code: P10GB8 to receive the full discount. Hurry and register! Make sure you get our exclusive discount for the Value Investing Congress here. Please let me know if you have any questions or problems when trying to register with the discount code.

Again, the early bird rate is expiring at midnight PST on March 16, Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Greenbackd Deep value, contrarian, and Grahamite investment. Feeds: Posts Comments. Rate this:. Like this: Like Loading Sponsored Content Briefing. Sponsored Content When it comes to Canadian small caps, a lot of gems are outside the mines. Gottfried has followed his own advice — with exceptional results.

And his returns? Follow greenbackd. Follow Following. Greenbackd Join 9, other followers. Sign me up. Already have a WordPress. Usually it takes new management to break the culture, and that usually comes after problems materialize and valuations contract. RST has 0. True market size is difficult too estimate, but lots of room for "growth.

The company is very inexpensive if financial objectives are achieved. In our opinion, you need to have a valuation that allows for wide margin for error in both margin and growth rate estimates. Valuation appears to allow for that even if targets are not achieved. We always advise caution when using comparable valuation metrics but, as the table below shows, if the company can achieve its financial objectives, the stock is not only relatively inexpensive but absolutely inexpensive as well.

D3 has reasonable responses to these questions you can find them by doing an Internet search , but you have to be comfortable with your own answers -- not theirs or ours. Strong balance sheet and cash flow. Large cash balance gives company tremendous flexibility to turn business around at a measured pace.

Free cash flow generation also a plus, because it can do acquisitions and still increase EV with increasing cash. New management always something we like to see in "turnarounds," especially ones with proven track records. D3 vetted CEO through their Bain connections. Despite lack of success internationally, the demand for others to learn English seems to be much greater than the demand for Americans to learn other languages and is a large growth opportunity.

A return to international areas in a more prudent, cost-efficient way would be a positive. Little analyst coverage, all of it by smaller regional firms. On the last call, three of the five analysts had their assistants ask questions. Valuation metrics do not price in substantial growth or success of turnaround.

While language learning market is huge, the addressable market is much smaller. The fact that the No. Fragmented market is a sign of just how diverse the learning options are. There seems to be an "impulse buy" component to their products kiosks and commercials , which makes the "need" vs.

While there are many successful companies selling the consumer "wants," this is a tougher sell to us. Also hard to gauge the "stickiness" of its products. Once you learn a language, how much follow up do you do? Do you then want to learn another language product?

Institutional segment helps offset this somewhat. MOOCs are the current threat and it is tough to handicap the competition. However, during the presentation it was brought up that San Jose St. Even with positive merits to the idea of MOOCs, widespread adoption will take a tremendous amount of time and effort. But it is possible. We believe that looking at other successful investors' ideas when trying to find new ideas can be a rewarding strategy. The investment case for RST is very interesting and seems reasonable to us.

However, we also believe that simply reading a presentation or just hearing the basic idea and investing in it with no additional work can be a failed strategy. All investors make mistakes, even very successful ones, and everyone has their own investment style, risk tolerance, investment horizon and investing goals. Investing conferences have become extremely popular and most of the investment ideas are widely disseminated within minutes of their presentation.

However, knowing a ticker symbol, the story, and the well-respected presenter is not really doing analysis or using an investment process. Use their expertise and skill to help shorten the time it takes to do your analysis, but don't let it take the place of it. Of course, you could always just let them manage your money for you. You can read our article, which was written the week before the conference, here.

Two other companies that were presented -- Blucora Inc. IFT -- were discussed on Seeking Alpha here and here. Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in RST over the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions.

I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Additional disclosure: Investing is a pair of investment professionals with over 60 years of experience. This article was written by Tim Heitman, one of our Founders.

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The Art of Value Investing by John Heins and Whitney Tilson FULL Audiobook

The Value Investing Congress is a two-day conference featuring fairly lengthy, insightful presentations into interesting value investment ideas or bigger. This one of a kind program includes a distinguished speaker series, multiple valuation case studies of actual businesses and stocks purchased by Warren Buffett. The 'Original' Value Investing Conference Finally a small gathering for the independent thinking investor, where world-class investors meet Warren Buffett.