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Edward jones online investing

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Founded in in downtown St. Louis, Edward Jones has grown from a single office into a nationwide, full-service brokerage firm with branches all across the country. The firm works with just shy of 8 million clients, and it operates more offices than any other investment firm in the U. Founded by Edward D. Jones himself, the firm has seen five different managing partners, including the current managing partner, Jim Weddle.

Edward Jones works with individuals as well as business owners and their employees. It also provides business services to individuals who are self-employed. The firm manages assets for individuals with and without high net worth, as well as pension and profit sharing plans, charitable organizations, corporations and other partnerships, investment clubs and limited liability companies. The minimum account size will depend on the type of account you open.

As a full-service firm, Edward Jones has a wide variety of options when it comes to accounts. You can have a regular taxable brokerage account, traditional IRA, Roth IRA, k , custodial account, college savings account and more. In other words, the firm prioritizes reliable, long-term growth over short-term plays. The fees you pay will depend on the type of product you purchase.

When using the investment advisory services like the Guided Solutions and Advisory Solutions programs, your fee rate will be based on the value of the assets in your account. The higher the asset value, the lower the fee. In addition to this program fee, clients may also pay a portfolio strategy fee, with fees based on the rates below. The following table breaks down advisory fees at Edward Jones. The worst kind of salesmen taking your money. Remember no one cares more about your money than yourself.

I am very very sorry I got involved with Edward Jones and hopefully I'll make money back from mutual funds that are losers now and then I am totally out of Edward Jones. I am a millionaire and I didn't get my wealth by being stupid. Don't get involved with Edward Jones. Ian has been handling our financial planning for over 15 years and has been a great asset to our family in advising us on everything we needed to plan for our children's college savings, planning our for our short term financial needs as well as the long term.

He has given us excellent advise over the years and we have seen great gains when the economy boomed and he also sheltered our investments very well when the economy suffered. I cannot express our gratitude to Ian for all that he has done for our family over the year. He is an excellent advisor and gives great advise for whatever your short or long term goals. He is personable, down to earth and explains the markets in a way that is easy to understand.

You will be very happy with the services from him as well as his excellent staff. Fees, fees, fees. Never seen so many. Advisor kept claiming my gains made them worth it and took credit for those gains. No, the gains came solely from my stock choices.

I was forced into mediocre American funds because they pay E. Jones to put their clients into them. I never knew this until doing my homework. A very sad state of affairs. I should have moved over to Schwab years ago. Now that the transfer is going through this advisor can't be bothered to give me the time of day. Schwab is SO much better. Wish I'd moved years ago. I had my money with Edward Jones for 10 years and saw absolutely no growth. They also take money from the clients.

This is so obviously a conflict of interest and they actually had to pay a 75 million dollar fine because of this. This is why they do not have your best interest at heart. Only theirs and the companies. I demanded that they put my money in a certain stock they and outright refused to, so I pulled all my money out.

They get paid by commission only and are nothing but glorified salesman and are not required to have any financial background. Beware of investing with Edward jones because they are not required to give the best financial advise for you, only for them and the company.

Everyone wise up and pull your money from them as soon as you can because it is a Ponzi scheme. A few days ago I met with a financial advisor with this company, who had an office in Murfreesboro, TN. I was impressed with the meeting and I made plans to move a substantial amount of stock to the company.

When I arrived home I had an email trying to get me to sign up for online services. I did what most people don't do: I read the "agreement" that became binding if I used the online service. Down about paragraph 18 there was an indemnity agreement whereby the client agreed to indemnify Edward Jones, its provider, and all of its third parties.

I did not use the online service and I notified the advisor that I would not use it because of the indemnity agreement. Later the advisor sent me an email stating that Edward Jones could not help me. Beware of this company!! Edwards Jones is a big company who stole our money by freezing our account. Corporate office will not talk to us.

When we called in to corporate, they just ask if we are speaking with our rep. We don't want to speak to our rep because he doesn't have the answers. To this day we have not received one letter on why our account is frozen. They continue to charge us fees on the frozen account. They basically stole our money. Now we have to hire expensive attorneys to try and get our money back.

I am warning everyone not to do business with this company. All is great until it's not. Good luck! She has been with us for many years. Our portfolio has increased well and we are able to use some of that to pay property tax. She make all the adjustments and they have been on target. Well done. We even moved to another state and kept her service. Our advisor got us to retirement and now is helping us enjoy our retirement.

He is also making sure our grandsons will have money for college or to start a business. We did not, nor do we now have a lot of money, but it did not matter to him the amount of the initial investment. I cannot say that about all the advisors we have had. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. We value your privacy. Unsubscribe easily. Home Finance Investing Financial Advisors. Are you this business?

Save Saved. Live agent Are you this business? Find a Financial Advisors partner. Get advice from finance professionals. Find a financial advisor near you on SmartAsset. About Edward Jones. Overall Satisfaction Rating 5 stars. Pros Access to banking features Investment services Personalized, in-person advice Cons No brokerage account monitoring Commission and trading fees.

Bottom Line Edward Jones is a wealth management company that coordinates financial, tax and legal strategies and offers a broad selection of investments. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Edward Jones? Ella of Plano, TX. Read full review.

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Penny Pennington of Edward Jones InvestmentsCourtesy of Edward own investment strategies or trade stocks online, Edward Jones is not the. Offering investment services to long-term, individual investors. Follow us for the latest market news and analysis. Edward Jones is a traditional wealth management company with financial advisors across the country. The company provides comprehensive investment services.