natural gas price outlook
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Natural gas price outlook youtube forex online

Natural gas price outlook

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Growth in LNG exports in recent years has been driven by capacity expansions. We expect that U. The increase in U. We also expect the industrial sector to consume more natural gas in in response to expanding economic activity. In addition, forecast natural gas consumption in the electric power sector increases in because of limited natural gas-to-coal switching despite high natural gas prices.

For , we forecast natural gas consumption will average We estimate dry natural gas production averaged Although production in April was lower than the recent peak in December , it increased in each of the past two months. Periods of below-normal temperatures and snow in some producing regions, along with seasonal maintenance on pipelines, limited the production increases in April compared with March.

We forecast dry natural gas production to average For all of , we expect that dry natural gas production will average We expect dry natural gas production to average Table 5a. Natural Gas Supply, Consumption, and Inventories. Table 8b. Renewable Electricity Generation and Capacity. Table 9a. Macroeconomic Indicators and CO 2 Emissions. BTU is the energy content in fuel, which is used in power and steam generation. One BTU is equivalent to 1. It was the highest volume on record — according to the U.

Probably, the trend will not continue in Demand has continued to fall in Europe and the U. The virus will dictate the natural gas prices in the next 6 months minimum — that is for sure. The question is: For how long? The low price means savings for home owners and drivers — but benefits will fade away by the economic costs of both the viral outbreak and the collapse of gas prices.

The Saudi-Russia price war hurts the oil companies not just in the U. Our gas price projection is that the low natural gas price forecast for is expected to make natural gas production decrease, creating an upward price pressure in , limited by contracting demand. There are 3 short-term and 1 long-term factors influencing gas prices strongly. The short-term factors are:. The natural gas price forecast for the next six months is absolutely dependent on the coronavirus and how widely it spreads.

The longer it takes, the worse it gets. We have the lowest prices Henry Hub prices , which is good for some people, but if you look at it globally and economically, it will be really bad for most people. We do not know yet how the coronavirus and the price war will affect natural gas prices, because there is no recession now — but everything is frozen, which is worse. This site may use cookies. Learn more or accept all cookies.

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Lufthavnen forex charts Domestic steel producers play a vital role for vehicle electrification and overall carbon emissions We estimate that natural gas inventories ended April at 1. Saefong, assistant global markets editor, has covered the commodities sector for MarketWatch for 20 years. The lockdowns in Shanghai have caused significant supply chain disruption around the world, but also Always do your own research before investing.
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February for lighter demand. The EC sees another frigid cold blast follow February and is much colder. This is also a potential trigger point for an acceleration to the upside. By : James Hyerczyk. Mentioned in Article. Natural Gas. Weather Models Shift toward Cold Over the weekend weather models increased demand expectations by showing upcoming cold temperatures traveling further east, Wood Mackenzie analyst Dan Spangler said in a note to clients early Monday. Daily March Natural Gas.

Additional Information. Leading global oil and gas producers based on revenue Leading oil and gas producers based on market cap April As a Premium user you get access to the detailed source references and background information about this statistic.

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Popular Statistics Topics Markets. Premium statistics. Read more. Natural gas prices increased across Europe, the United States, and Japan in due in large part to an energy supply shortage brought about by an increase in electricity demand. Apart from economic determinants, unexpectedly cold winters or warm summers may also drive price spikes.

In , natural gas prices are expected to increase further, largely as a result of tighter supplies following the Russia-Ukraine war. Europe is expected to see an annual average price of 34 nominal U. The United States, as the largest natural gas producer worldwide , has significantly lower prices for the fossil fuel. The U. LNG on the rise In the near future, LNG capacity growth is expected to alter the composition of natural gas markets which have been mostly linked to oil prices in the past.

Increased long-distance gas trade through the expansion of pipelines such as between Russia and China also has the ability to reduce price differences between regions. Asia has some of the highest landed prices for liquefied natural gas worldwide. Natural gas prices by country and sector Switzerland has the highest industrial natural gas price in the world , at This compared to an industrial gas price of Residential prices for natural gas are generally much higher at about Full access to 1m statistics Incl.

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Other statistics on the topic. Fossil Fuels Leading global oil and gas producers based on revenue Fossil Fuels Leading oil and gas producers based on market cap April Fossil Fuels Leading natural gas producing countries worldwide Fossil Fuels Global natural gas reserves by country Profit from additional features with an Employee Account. Please create an employee account to be able to mark statistics as favorites.

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