cardistry basics of investing
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Cardistry basics of investing

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Paper over Board. The Indian practice of Ayurveda is the original self-care movement going back 5, years. I can't help out much with two handed. Josh Burch Elite Member. Aug 11, 2, 1, Utah. Zach Mueller has some great simple flourishes that he teaches on the Marketplace and YouTube. They are all free and his format is great.

DominusDolorum Elite Member. Jul 15, 1, 30 Canada. I felt that helped elevate my card handling to a whole new level and I wish that I had started with that course when I first started in magic. I recently became aware that there is also a Card College video series taught by the authors of the books, Roberto Giobbi. Those books are amazing and if the series is anywhere near the quality of instruction in his texts then I would go with that.

I made a post earlier about beginner magic and I should have posted it here instead so I'll just link it to you. It's simply a free beginner video for some basic magic taught by Rick Lax, a creator of magic that you may find enjoyable.

Jan 21, 13 0. DominusDolorum said:. Click to expand Reactions: DominusDolorum. The heck? I held up my end of the deal, haha! Does it ask for credit card info if you remember? Reactions: steftim. It's free so you shouldn't have any problem. Let me know if it works out. Seems to have worked. Thanks for the freebie! William Draven. Dec 1, 3, Las Vegas www.

I don't care what anyone else tells you Cardistry is nothing more than a visually appealing, self gratifying, manual demonstration of magical masturbation; done because it makes the performer feel good and no one else. I humbly take my hat off to ANYONE who can juggle a deck of cards the way people like a lot of these kids do you see on youtube. Perhaps I'm jaded, jealous, and cynical? I've been accused of being worse. What Cardistry is, theatrically, is a demonstration of the Ego. What it says is "Oh look at what I can do that you can not.

It maybe at best capable of being elevated to the level of puzzle, but it will never be magic. I feel like an old geezer saying this, and I shouldn't because I'm still a young pup myself, but back in the day what "Cardistry" used to be called was "flourishing". Flourishes were little connector pieces used during a card routine to spice up the action and assert to the audience without saying as much overtly that the card handler was an unparalleled pro and thus complemented his talent as a magician in the overall presentation.

Somewhere down the line Devo got a hold of it, and created a lot of different "advanced" moves that looked beautiful but were hard to master. Kenner came out with the Wurm, and then this new underground movement of card-icians started to form. This movement eventually settled on the term "cardistry" and soon every 14 year old on the block was doing it. Yes Cardistry can incorporate different sleights within the body of it, but in and of itself, it is NOT magic.

Thus being all said, if you are looking to start learning card magic I highly suggest you look at Eardnese, Royal Road, or maybe even Card College. I can't make any suggestions for cardistry though, as I don't do it myself. I know this next line from me will be HOTLY debated, so I'll put it in bold now, but it's something I stand behind from a performance theory point of view: " Cardistry will never be anything more than a demonstration of pure ego.

It maybe art, but you can only stomach someone's ego so long before you have to go somewhere with it, and more juggling isn't the solution. Reactions: CWhite. William Draven said:. CaseyRudd Director of Operations Team member. Jun 5, 3, 3, Charleston, SC www.

I would argue that Genesis Volume 1 by Andrei is most certainly comprehensive when learning the fundamentals of Cardistry. In regards to magic, I'm assuming you are into card magic as you are also inquiring about Cardistry. All of those are as comprehensive as they come from a true expert and card technician who has learned and studied with the legends he is currently a legend in my eyes. If there is anyone I want to learn card techniques from, it's Jason England.

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CARDISTRY BASICS - Damn Straight by Kevin Ho

Cardistry & Magic INVESTING Series. 13 videos 63, views Card Expert Teaches Friends THE HARDEST CARD SHUFFLE (TUTORIAL) · Andrei Jikh. Feb 26, - Explore Easybrush's board "Stocks", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about cardistry, magic card tricks, card tricks. For those new to cardistry, you will find beginner tips, a recommended list of moves to progress through, FAQ, and a whole number of valuable.