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Mig bank forex trading

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Best Where Scalping Is Allowed. Best Where Hedging Is Allowed. Where should I start!!! MIG Investment is by far the worst broker I have ever signed up with!!! Please be very very careful while choosing a broker. MIG Investment is know to move the markets to your disadvantage. I registered with them though an introducing broker. I will mention her name. Her name is "Melody". She represents them here in Californian and some other states as well.

She will scam you showing that she has been making a lot of money trading with them, but don't trust her. All this MIG Investment did was freeze during news reports. Every time I wanted to place an order if it was to my advantage it would freeze up or give me the trade when it was too late. If the market was not to my advantage it would let the negative position go through so fast it's unbelievable.

There scams are shown clearly like day light. Please be very careful. Please be aware that every positive review you see here are by someone representing the broker. Not everyone want's to spend there time to promote other brokers for free. But for the negative review you see here, I would believe are to be true. People have been burnt and they are the ones who truly want to warn you of there scams. Please be very careful while choosing a broker.

I have to say that I was initially very aprehensive about opening a forex account with a broker overseas. Especially having read some of these reviews, but i did and i can honestly say that MIG is better then what i expected.

They are completely legit and basically good enough. Withdrawals are quick, within 2 days. Now I do have a few problems with them. I think their trading platform itself is pretty antiquated, I feel like its something from 10 years ago. Also, their english speaking customer service people, though polite and competant, have the thickest accents that i can barely understand a word they're saying sometimes.

Hi all, please don't be amazed by MIG's profile and promises as once you deposit - that that is gone. You will end up discovering strange behaviors on market And no other brokers will have those jumps. On any complaints you will find superior and arrogant answers that you are not right. There is much more I unfortunately experienced with them but these I hope are enough. No welcome bonus If I can vote somewhere - I would give for them.

Save your money and go anywhere else. This is a totally scam-broker sorry I lost more than ' with this bank. The transparent dealing is a fake and you pay a average spread from 2. MIG is the best broker I once knew. Or has been for many years. At one point they took back No use to complain - you could easily loose your entire account and never get your money back if you complain about these issues.

Never heard about anything like this, and this has been happening only in last two years I for one, looking for a true ECN broker now I've been with MIG a few months now. As far as I can tell, they don't stop hunt or spike you out of trades. They DO support EAs, though you have to fill out a form to get access. Just as a test, I withdrew a sum of several thousand dollars the other day.

The debit from my account took under 6 hours, and the wire to my texas bank account was complete in under 2 days. One potential problem is they do not allow "scalpers", and they never tell me what that means Aside from that silly nit, I have no complaints. They are the best broker I've ever had. I have been a MIG client for over a year and they offer excellent customer service and decent spreads which they rarely widen. They phoned me from Switzerland one day lunch time to fix an issue I had with registration my fault.

It's true that they undergo daily routines which disconnect for a short period. Only once did they have significant network problems 2 hours and they advised their clients about this. Also one evening when they were down for a few minutes, I didn't get my swap paid. I emailed them and they proptly refunded my account. Contrary to what a poster wrote below, yes they do offer EAs, I traded with one for a while. However, you need to fill in a form for this to be activated.

They are in the process of opening up a "bank" branch which might be advantageous to their forex clients I hope so anyway. What Is Forex? Please disable AdBlock or whitelist EarnForex. Thank you! EarnForex Forex Brokers.

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Show history Hide history. Trading account 3XX6. Tuesday, March 19, What did MIG bank do wrong? What does MIG bank have to say after the damage has been done?

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Mig Bank Forex Reviews

The broker provides its clients with the best trading conditions on the market and low and tight spreads, daily financial reviews, technical analysis and much. The Swiss banking license was granted to MIG Investments by FINMA in following its rapid growth, and MIG Investments became the first currency broker. Traders Union have created the most unbiased rating of brokers in the Forex market using the methodology that is transparent. Our experts have researched and.