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Now you have an opportunity to establish an effective and forex-targeted ad campaign with us! Forget archaic ads that don't work. Simply start by contacting us below and we will be happy to provide you our media kit with pricing or discuss your needs, thoughts and concerns! Sponsored by. Advertise with the FX Trading Revolution!

Business Model We are able to provide both CPM cost per impressions or fixed monthly fee marketing campaigns. We are also open to discuss exclusive placement of your brand into any ad unit. Professional Reporting We serve banners through Google's Double Click and we can provide extensive reports with the performance of your campaign. This means that forex brands must be working nonstop at full speed to get their name in lights, build brand awareness, and get traffic flowing to their site, despite a high turnover among target audiences.

Brand awareness is critical to your brand's success. Find out the three things you can do to increase brand awareness. Continue Reading. The customer funnel is a critical component of any digital marketing strategy, and not just for online trading. Building an effective and compelling marketing funnel in forex and crypto is all about focusing on the coveted final conversion — the First Time Deposit FTD — which is the most common KPI used by forex marketers to evaluate the success of their campaigns.

Reaching customers is more difficult for crypto and forex marketers due to advertising restrictions of many ad networks and social platforms. When Facebook, Twitter, and Google banned crypto ads in , this led to an uproar and pushback in the form of lawsuits brought by industry associations in several countries. These restrictive policies have since softened, but there are still many ad networks that do not allow the delivery of forex and crypto campaigns. Another challenge for marketers is the strict requirements set by ad networks for crypto and forex-focused ads.

All ads must include specific disclaimers and clear terms and conditions. The global community of forex and crypto traders is enormous, numbering close to 10 million. Finding potential customers are like needles in a haystack, but there are ways to successfully navigate the morass. Here are several strategies used by forex marketers to drive traffic, target qualified audiences, and boost conversions:.

The FX community is fairly spread out worldwide, with the highest number of traders located in Asia, similar numbers in North America and Europe, followed by substantial numbers in the Middle East and Africa. A breakdown by country only demonstrates further how diverse and complex the target audience is. It pays for FX marketers to focus campaigns on individual countries, in order to achieve maximum relevance for each market situation.

This means localizing ad content with creatives aligned to the specific target audience — not just in the language used, but also cultural norms and values. Successful FX traders are educated ones. When a trader feels confident, they are more likely to spend on trading platforms. Forex marketers must focus on providing target audiences with value-added content that will support smart trading decisions.

There are two key goals that FX marketers are most focused on: traffic acquisition and direct conversions. Traffic acquisition is all about driving relevant audiences to a website or landing page. Direct conversions mean capitalizing on audiences that are already somewhat engaged.

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Forex marketers are accustomed to using a varied approach in their FX advertising strategies. It's common to see a mix of tactics including. › forex-ads-social-and-content-marketing-tips. Seven tips to make your forex broker marketing strategy work to the fullest · Consider your positioning in the market · Optimize your digital advertising model.