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Octal bus transceiver 3-state investing money

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Geo bond is another product that is made from gypsum and other aggregate and silicates. These are but only two of the acceptable thermal insulating products on the market today and their mere mentioning here, is in no way intended to limit the inventions options on insulating products or systems. For the automotive industry the invention has basically three shapes; it is prototyping but in no way is this to be considered a limitation on the designs possible and configurations needed either in the automobile industry or any other industry.

There is a cube configuration that measures This box replaces any need for a glove box and in many cases will also house the audio systems. A second design is a horizontal system that is 20" long X This system will be used in small vans or in center consol, or ceiling configurations. And the third one is the add on box system for commercial use which will not be a storage system for personal devices and its size will be governed by what products and services a company might want, e.

But all will sooner or later carry equipment that are required to operate it legally, e. The front of the cube will provide lockable access panels that can also be opened electrically and will close in some incidences from sensing inertia via inertia sensor or fluid sensors in stable reservoirs. Once again these designs will be customized by the manufacturers and made aesthetic but ultimately they will have to meet a standard and will be tested to provide an acceptable protection for these vital devices and functions.

There will be a government standard as there is for firewalls and the shapes and sizes will be standardized so many of manufactures can supply electrical accessories an peripherals. All mandated legal devices will be secured with a permanent access panel that only authorized persons can open and it will be an offense to tamper with any of this equipment or the area they are kept in. The size of this compartment can presently be greatly reduced.

Manufacturers will integrate these products as they have been explained in this application, but this prototype was designed to allow individuals to add there own laptops and other loved accessories and many people in the future will look for this capability in an automobile rather than be put off by it.

People have always been concerned for their valuables and having a mobile firebox and safe box will have as much appeal and so will the electronic, storage interface function. This is one major property of the invention's design and purpose is to provide a modular interface exchange with flexible customized compartments or areas to universally accommodate existing products.

This was done to first provide a standard and a place to interface or to accommodate Commercial Off The Shelf C. And then to provide flexible retrofitting for future consolidated and integrated systems and their components. Basically, the customized versatility has been designed into the secure protective containment to increase the appeal for this kind of interface and to create a point to organize these merging technologies and to control and regulate them properly for society.

And, therefore, this invention's interface PFN device claims the right and capability to connect up with any diagnostic port or electrical connection either hardwired or through infrared comports or any visual sensor arrays referred to in earlier applications including fiber optics and use any software available or invented herein i. This versatility will allow all the individual communication, electronic, and automotive product manufactures to become involved and design specific shelves, trays, cassettes , cartridges, and or IC cards, etc.

Automobile manufactures will save space in the dash board area by storing some of their sensitive electronic components or those susceptible to auto theft OEM devices, i. And the box will actually replace the need for any traditional glove box as it can easily be used to provide a safer storage for personal property and legal documents registration, etc. The box will provide many modular options for the consumer and the manufacturers to customize.

This holds initial automotive costs down for the base vehicle price and allows manufactures, dealers and aftermarkets to sell to the public to provide affordable upgrades and accessories for more comfort, ease and luxury as well as needed services. With this modular component secure system interface one can store all valuables and electronics and use them as well in a concise, organized and safe manner. Either modular trays ,cartridges, or I.

These types of products, trays, cartridges that give structure to contain and connect products with electrical or electronical connections for interfacing them with other products of the invention and the host machine are products of the invention. Another configuration could take the form and still function as a small carrying case like an entire briefcase or woman's purse which would hold a persons desired electronic device array a mobile office, etc.

This entire case would have a connector USB probably on the case or an IR communication port so that it would either jack right into the vehicle secure box or optically communicate with the interface system either where a space was provided for it internally or connected to the connection array bus or USB on the front of the secure compartment. There are many manufacturers creating mobile offices out of brief cases that have cell phones, modems, laptops and G.

With this capability the customer could run their own diagnostics on the car mechanically. This would be customer owned CDs that can run on the spot complete shop diagnostics to give an owner complete electronic up to date report on his vehicle either OEM supplied or another whole automotive aftermarket for electronics and software another cottage industry.

More consumer options are that these software programs could be downloaded from Internet web site for a fee. Also these PFN interfacing plug and play personal carrying cases are another product of the invention. Ideally these personally carried component systems would be stored and used in the protection of the invention's secure containment system because of the high cost of the devices. Some existing briefcase products do have chargers but they are not interfaced with the automobile's TT1, analogue or digital logic control system.

This is a great benefit to the consumer with this personally owned and operated vehicle diagnostics system and interface. The invention can record, report and even print data through the many combinations of interfacing the varied C. So any interfacing or connecting of personal owned equipment to diagnose, view augment, record and or report whether secured or not when used by the general public for any and all vehicles, machines and or equipment are products of the invention when sold commercially for this purpose Another good purpose for the invention's interface would allow two systems to synchronize their settings e.

The interface box will have a bus of connections that connect all the trays, shelves and or modular compartment areas. These trays etc, will offer some or all of the interface communication links listed below. There will also, be an external array of connections place for convenience in the vehicles cabin so that one can connect any desired additional devices in the cabin that might not require security or protection.

This array of connections will be greatly reduce with the advent of the IEEE. USB or latest communication links, however, there is a great deal more hardware connections, light and sound as well as firmware and software to be accounted for. There will also be either another connector array or IEEE or USB "protected" connector outside the vehicle not just for convenience, but for a law enforcement officer to quickly ascertain any pertinent legal data stored in the protected data area with protected software protocols on the vehicle that must be satisfied by a legitimate legal request described in innovative devices section.

This is a list of all the industries C. And also, their part descriptions that will be interfaced and incorporated thru the invention, which will connect them and protect them physically in order to preserve them in an optimum working condition in the best and most secure environment providable. This will help give them credibility, validity and accuracy for the accounting and control services they will perform for the public's safety and understanding. This allows all machine, materials and resource use to be monitored, data stored, reported and remotely controlled to provide the proper level of service and product to match the monetary receivables, e.

It also, allows for the same remote control and record keeping to insure legal and environmental compliance. There may be some overlap in the listing of some of the specific interfaces and connections because of the vast amount of past proprietary developments in all the different industries and their devices, i. So it will be difficult to prevent some repetition and duplication as this is an effort to be inclusive and demonstrate how unique the invention is in its purpose to interface all these diverse areas and devices.

It initially serves to universally integrate all these devices and systems in a C. This is a major goal of the invention to make technology more user friendly for humanity, which will increase commercial demand and promote better understanding and proper use of the technologies. So this listing of parts devices and products of such a magnitude and detail is very necessary to adequately demonstrate to all of the equipment manufactures, governing agencies, the general public, and especially all those, who are skilled in all the related arts just how feasible the invention really is.

Also, to introduce the inventions versatility to integrate and organize machine control and to show how useful this can be for society today and serve as a precursor to deal with future technologies on into the next millennium. So this conglomerate list with descriptions of separate parts and devices interfaced is intended to show the real need for this unique universal secure interface system and it's purpose to make them accountable.

It accomplishes this by offering a platform to utilize all these technologies together including the past backward technologies , the present, and on through into the future forward technologies. It is done though the invention and all it's innovations being specifically designed to become a logical primary "focal node" PFN as the interface control center and the primary point of accountability to synthesize data to a record and report it communicate it much like the PC's do with the world wide web WWW.

However, in many cases this will be wireless to a "gateway" commercial server or provider, who will be regulated and licenced as a commercial, governmental, or public or private provider or server. They will have special protocols they must adhere to and they will be liable for security and privacy as the WWW "Gate way providers are presently for certain information, and much like running a radio station.

The Federal Communications Commission FCC , among many other government agencies, will have input and regulation control. From this point the off board accounting and control system MMN monitors all relevant data, and processes it initially sent by the primary focal nodes software program vehicle secure interface. The off board processing system in one modality is a mass data management network using the same software as WWW mosaic software and presently Hypertext Markup Language HTML This is detailed more in the Off board mass data Systems for the series and series Spider Eyes and Greeneye programs of the invention and will be forthcoming in this application.

Returning to the primary "focal node", the invention uses this secure box interface on every machine to guide development from these more versatile modular products initially and then on to the best consolidate integrated circuitry to be secure based as hardware on each type of equipment configuration and not just for automotive applications. This process allows for rapid functionality presently in the initial C. Many of these integrated consolidating circuits will be mapped out in this application, but the purpose for this C.

And not just for retrofitting, but to allow the public with all these products past, present and future to have a modality to create their own daisy link interfaces to customize combinations for their own mobile work and leisure electronic equipment array or station, and also to provide it a safe and secure environment.

The C. The first patent was very extensive in the C. As was described in the first application there has been a rapid evolution of pager technology and cellular phone technology. And both these technologies as C. Products have always been employed to deliver two way communication when interfaced in the inventions secure containment. But presently with both of these technology's advancements, i. With this in mind the invention first utilizes these new standard C.

On the topic of interfacing and interconnecting, all the inventions devices, one of the latest pager developments, which is in keeping with the first patents non-invasive data acquisition embodiments has been given another simplistic avenue to couple devices through the tremendous gains in voice recognition technology and voice pager massage systems.

This new technology has many manufactures in both the cell phone and pager industries just to name a few. Advanced Recognition Technologies Inc. Dragon Systems Inc. Sensory Inc. Advanced Recognition Technology has developed very good algorithms for accurate speech recognition by adopting them from the hand writing algorithms in the past and has converted them for speech to create a stream of digital data for many portable phone manufactures.

They have Motorola as a cell phone customer and also Samsung and appliance maker Lucky Gold Star, who have done well marketing their cellular voice products in Israel and Korea. For that matter there is a great deal of computers and software manufacture that have voice recognition software and they to will be mentioned and described as to the interfacing that will be possible.

However, the first ingredient to insure accuracy between machines for a voice communication interface is to create a sound proof environment so the interface between these smart C. Either the inventions controllers or computers, and or the host machine manufactures controller or computers and or the personal owners computer. They could be networked together or separate, but the master command for any sensitive data storage protocols will be burned in firmware in the secure containment as part of the data storage lock up and secured from changing any data content or commands, until freed up copied or erased by the proper authorities or physically removed and replaced by the same.

There are many commercially available products today both for pagers, pager component devices and cellphones and cellphone component devices that can easily be developed and innovated to serve in a vocal interface with no hardwires. Or as a quieter possibility and more uninterrupted and secure communication between machines, an interface design could feature more standard electrical connections, i. Either way this system would be outfitted to any voice producing and recognition technology that could be used in the invention.

If the devices so equipped are stored in the inventions secured and protected containment section their interaction can be recorded with any number of audio recording and storage systems utilized by the invention which could be a part of the accountability programs for any and all the devices or products and or system failures. With a microphone in the closed compartment of the invention and recording the machines conversation to the record storage system, which is set up in normal operation to rewrite itself on a 20 minute loop; unless an incident protocol gives the command to store a specific recording, all the devices in the box will be accounted for at the time of an event or accident and can be properly assessed in the appropriate legal settings.

With this operational data stored on the host machine and with it time and date referenced to coin side with any other operational data stored; this audio interaction recording will serve all that must review it better when they here it in the verbal language they speak. This allows more individuals to participate in any necessary judgment process without a lot of technical know how.

Multi-language capability and automatic translator functions would be easy to construct as the voice systems vocabulary should be structured for a set group of universal commands and alpha- numerical data similar to the limited English vocabulary universally used for international pilots. To identify the units that are interacting they can be named or numbered and a protocol for this mass conversation would have to be structured and sanctioned by the proper authorities.

But most conveniently would be the ability to just add one other device to the invention and not be required to wire it in if the CP or CPU was voice capable and had voice recognition and so did the peripheral being added. Just set it in and with the appropriate software in the PC just ask it to install the new peripheral and the two could talk it out through interface through an install protocol.

Imagine the dialogue it would be like Mr. Roger's neighborhood. The person installing would say "Mr. Computer permit me to introduce Mr. A and then the computer would install the sound A in it's program and the G. The computer will be ready to recognize voice numbers and the word latitude and longitude and time coordinates and any NMEA jargon. From here on out, it would process it through its Application programming Interface API and deal with the data in accordance to programed stack protocols for mapping, etc.

In fact, the electronic voices could be given a standard pitch and dialect to make interaction more accurate and the learning of the voice patterns unnecessary. The voice recognition technology offered by Motorola has an exclusive dealership for it's pager product. The dealer is Oi electric voice pager. The pager runs on AA batteries and can be easily inserted into the invention and use the battery peg system to energize it.

This same technology could be incorporated into a G. The computer could have a voice recognition program and show the coordinate on the screen and pass them on to law enforcement, etc. This use of voice commands could actually be used efficiently and quite inexpensively between all the devices compartmentalized and similarly equipped and programmed to interact with certain and specific dialogues of protocol. In this case the tracking of a vehicle could be accomplished with just these two pieces of equipment.

One immediate advantage here is a lay person can create the interface with the properly voice and processor equipped devices in seconds by just setting volume and inserting these to be C. However, in industry and especially those like transportation there must be safeguards of operation which will have to be put into place so that if a machine or vehicle is in a critical situation the compartment can not be opened to any sensitive areas and the master controller system will be able to discern the proper protocol and its software or firm ware will maintain control and the proper environment for an integral interface.

There also will be a computer request of the operator to repeat a take command word as the driver starts driving in the form of a verbal request from the systems master computer. And all but a law enforcement situation the driver would be able to deactivate or activate any and all functions that were programed in the car.

Some other of the Motorola C. ReFlex 25 at 4-and 7 bit binary short messages with outbound signaling speed of 1. This innovative product like most all the products is an independent product interfaced in the invention and can be removed from the invention and hand carried or completely used separately, however in this case it is attached to a belt or collar and attached to an individual and or pet or some mobile object that one wishes to keep track of. It is a Motorola's ReFlex 2 way pager protocol as an ideal modality with two other components a micro processor with firmware burned into a memory, e.

Actually Philips has an ideal G. The two chips are SA and the SC which will operate on 3 volts. The is a double conversion, speed spectrum, radio receiver circuit with low cost filters and crystals that provide the communication component for the G. The second chip SC a bit A is a base band processor and this microcontroller core can process the GPS data to provide velocity position and time outputs.

The chipset is onboard a serial UART on the base band chip and is easy to connect to other devices to create integrated multi-functional systems. Philips also and others Ganged for Europe and are developing two way paging for EMMIES protocol and when available this also could provide another transceiver function for personally held GPS to locate people and things. Or serve equally well as a C. Also, it is possible with Motorola's involvement in semiconductors that they to could develop a chip set or use someone else to complete this personal locator pager with their ReFlex pager protocols.

However, this would still fall within the nature and scope of this very important innovation of the invention. In fact, Fig. And in another modality from the initial application there has been an alternate design and technology for a people locating device that incorporates a low noise FM signa and employs the PFN in every Vehicle to receive this signal in a multi band receiver and rebroadcasts it on long distance communications systems -two way Pagers-cell phones 2 way radios and it is referred to as the repeater function of the invention is also another separate by product of the invention's multiplex of communication interfaces accomplished in the PFN.

This close in repeater function is used in law enforcement, hunting products and, locating people as well. Their use in the invention are also enhanced with respect to power considerations because the GPS reading would be current or not need a first cold reading.

The 2-way pager GPS package would ideally be given close GPS coordinates under the cars energy before removing and or synchronized with any second onboard GPS, ideally some small chipset integrated into the inventions computer and storage compartment. If this 2- way pager GPS interface system was used continually independently it would require a greater power source or would be directed to keep a current reading to eliminate the power drains of cold readings.

However, the GPS 2-way pager unit could be removed from the secure lockup and affixed to a person and they would be able to send signals back to the car via the pager service and the car would receive an E-mail via other pager receiver system or cell phone technology at which time the car would track all the trail markers sent back and record them and store them in the data storage.

Also the pager commercial service could have an automated watchdog software that would track record and store and respond to emergency queries protocols. This commercial service is another commercial product of the invention like a lifeguard system attached to the system and provided by commercial paging companies or any private monitoring companies that wanted to run either a phone node Gateway and or web sites to monitor for E-mail.

Or the person could send it to a personal friends E-mail for them to monitor or their own E-mail. And on silent mode a parent could trigger the GPS and have it give the real-time location of their child and if it was a voice system as well they can listen on mute to appraise the situation or ask verbally. Also, with an emergency button or the small key board available in the series Motorola ReFlex protocols the lost person could send the signal back or ask for help from a few selected sources by their own direction as they appraise their needs, police, EMTs, etc.

For pet use the signal would only be sent to the vehicle or other 2-way pager GPS or cell phone. GPS system that could be hand held. This is also an easy technology for the cellphone systems to adapt to add. And finally this system could be coupled with the short range repeater systems that are detailed later which would send a local signal first for immediate use and action to locate a child near by, etc. Motorola has another paging product from it's flex technology FAST -called Creatalink where it uses one-way and two-way pager protocols interfaced with a micro-processor and can perform remote control functions mainly in the automotive industry.

These devices basically perform the same functions as described for the C. However, all the great variations of Creatalink would also be greatly enhanced and serve society better if they were interfaced and combined with the invention's unique interface systems and securement.

The system would easily fit into a compartment of the invention as its physical measurements are 4. The invention optionally uses the standard Motorola C. ReFlex 2-way pager and plans to use the Ermes style in Europe radio products produced by Phillips for the most part when they are marketing their product to produce its own low cost two way communications to report GPS coordinates.

To first track a vehicle in the most rudimentary level with the invention's original Stamp II computer to fulfill for the least sophisticated and inexpensive remote control protocols, for tracking with GPS and law enforcement with a controlled remote shutdown as standard automotive equipment. This same paging system will be used for even more complicated remote and automated aggressive shut downs of a vehicle in real time that is designed in a sequential acceptably safer manner than any existing modality.

For this entire process to stop the vehicle it can be accomplished with one coded phone page received and by the preprogrammed stamp II computer and the automated guidance, acceleration lockout, braking, and final vehicle securement, is controlled from this vehicle PFN computer.

Ideally with law enforcement, but this system has been designed to handle an automated shut down if the vehicle is determined to be without any responsible operator control as an improved option to no control. And for the integrated circuit construction to consolidate future functions in the invention Motorola sells a Flex receiver board under the name of CreataLink RX TM. Philips also sells similar products as another supplier of C.

Any one of these systems either the components of this technology or the other manufacturer can equally function though the secure interface and this inventions technology. In the third patent application, all the remote control devices in the PFN and any of these communication interfaced control systems or communicacontrollers presently combined as C.

For the very sophisticated remote control functions employing video or digital imaging and or sensor arrays for detecting road edge etc. The invention's secure PFN has 5 types of embedded types controllers it uses for different variations, supplied through Arcom Control Systems.

Motorola has a lot of its products licenced and being marketed by other commercial entities and one such company is Global Switch-All. A major product of theirs is "The Auto Protector" which is a anti-theft locator system with many of the autotheft functions that the invention completes but in a little different way. There are many other such companies on the market in the Cell phone industry and Radio frequency area and their is more each and everyday. And everyone of these products will be easy to accommodate in the secure encasement and if they are going to perform any remote control functions they should be recorded and made accountable.

This is and will be the appropriate growth for remote control and full robotics of the future e. The technology to interface all these C. Motorola systems for Data transfer are covered in all three of these applications and in a number of ways.

They are also described and displayed in drawings for a suggested progressive commercial products development for responsible remote control as prototypes and protocols. This is done to display the modular capability of the innovation's with COTS devices interfaced and the versatility built into making the invention compatible with all involved technologies to serve as the ideal interface for this massive technical evolution and merger.

So by showing the development and the commercialization of the invention in this manner anyone skilled in these arts and even those modestly skilled including layman could achieve the necessary interfaces to make all the prototypes involving these above-mentioned Motorola and other C. A little more description on the COTS paging products world wide that the invention interfaces. Flex is a product of Motorola and the basis for ReFlex the two way paging technology used in the United States and Asia, It has decided advantages over the Ermes applications that saves battery power and makes it easier to achieve two way paging.

These are related to the frequencies used and the number of signals used to set up error correcting protocols. For this reason Ermes is forced to stay active longer and can not rest the battery as much or it risks missing messages. The Ermes systems have been developing the 2 way paging capacity with them soon to be available through Ganged.

However presently the flex stack of Motorola and the varied protocols available with more in the future. Motorola is quite proprietary with its decoder firm ware managed by their stacker, however both paging applications Ermes and flex can be interfaced into remote control functions through the inventions interface and both are increased in value by the inventions systems and protection.

Cell phone systems have a number of companies directly producing modems that convert the cell phone into a data link for Laptops, palmtops programmable controllers Etc. For the lap and palm tops they come with 2 in 1 PCMCIA PC card s to be able to use your laptop or palmtop like a desk top in a mobile situation through analogue telecom lines at These are the COTS products and systems on the market today that can be interfaced in the invention to be a secure and varied interface that is protected.

The pager interface connectors will also be listed for one way and the logical development of the two way pager that are cots products and described as the original communication link and system for the stop box. There is also other connectors that will be used in the invention that do not involve portability. In the event that the invention may be stationary and being used in other industries that will employ land based lines, regular modems and or some other communication system to either remotely control, record and or report machine use from this secured environment.

The company Option International, is one of many companies offering interfaces and cable connectors to interface laptops and PC's with peripherals so these supply companies will not generally be listed, however, most all relevant parts and interface systems will be referenced here.

However, with all phone systems constantly improving their hardware, and capacity in digital technology this situation will be remedied which will reduce the need for two numbers on one cell phone. And there are many cell phone manufactures like: Nokia ,i,,, Panasonic G These same connector are set up on all the inventions computers and controllers to allow data links to remote locations and are stored in the PRN , which is where any lap tops and palm tops could be housed and operated from as well.

These are just a few of the commercial off the shelf products that will be incorporated into the invention and are only named to demonstrate that basically all cell phone products will be outfitted to easily interface with portable computers and the average person will be able to install and interface these products in the secure interface with relative ease.

Ideally with insight all the varied manufactureres will be pleased to design their product lines in arrays and with other desired products for the public's easy combination. In doing so they will enjoy a greater market for any specific product by more completely utilizing all it's capabilities. It is important to show how these cell phones will become extremely useful in the future by describing how the latest in cellular digital technology is providing all the band width and multiple frequency flexibility to accommodate real time video and or digital imaging for the invention to have this another of it's report back functions to be view and stored as dat if necessary.

This can also be accomplished through the transfer of data storage mediums physically to compare files for accuracy and tampering if need be. This can help for any program needs to send a video image from the vehicle as part of real time data being given priority to be filed, e. The spider eyes program is explained in the third application especially dealing with all the electronic controls and peripherals. However it basically describes how on each and every vehicles' out board video system can be used to provide recorded video and or digital still or snap shots for traffic accidents and or crime incidents either automatically activated or by a remote control command.

It also provides for several recovery methods for this information to be recorded and reported on board and off board if the software program parameters warrants such action. Now with this latest CMA technology this becomes far easier to accomplish in real time. Another great advantage to CMA communications link in the invention is the gateway computer net work services that will be available through this technology and system.

By using the C. CMA base stations communicate geographic location information can be received to update traffic situations, also access to the yellow pages, maps and driving directions, Sony is developing a miniature accessory presently that turns the phone into a powerful digital camera for Snap Shot options -Detailed in the Third application for the Spider eyes program.

What is unique is that this system will be able to compress the pictures and store them in a cyber album, time and date the location automatically and accompany it with audio or voice. And the images can be view on personal web pages and down loaded to a PC. Sony has a lot of plans for this new technology and it is an ideal fit for the invention and any of its mobile uses, e.

This prototype can be used typically as a modem for any onboard easy interface with the computer systems and or personal laptops and will function with ISP servers as well. And will be interfaced as a COM Link and support base for video peripherals in most of the more sophisticated computers used by the invention. Another important advantage to this unit is it's self contained 65,color active matrix screen. The prototype handset communicator is ideal for the compartments in the invention because it is only 4.

Of course a interface connector tray would have to be configured to supply, a battery charge, any necessary interface connector array, any possible voice or infrared data transfer desired, and any external antenna considerations if necessary from the multi antenna buss in the inventions PRN. However, there is designed polysulfone heat shield covered ports in inaccessible area of every secure PFN to allow for these contained product's standard antennas to function inside the box with no threat of damage from fire Polysulphone is a high heat water proof thermal plastic and a product of Amoco Oil.

It can handle direct heat up to F. The interface trays possibly made from same material will also provide away to appreciate the LCD screen if not utilizing some other larger display on board either in other products personal laptops etc. This is an the ideal technology protocol to interface the inventions card swipe phone or installable bill box system, which is depicted in Figures 3 and 3 a. The entire unit can be reduced in size and increased in functions to provide secure data transfers of bank card driver licenses , Etc information to charge and check credit for cabs, busses , Etc, as well as, confirm a driver licence and photo on file for the police or for the acceptance of a credit charge.

The Sony system is one of many that are going to have to be able to give location data for cell phones in the near future, but it's CMA D-WAVE Protocol has all the right properties to work really well in the invention. It is a cellular system and a landline and modem PC card. The "Complete PC card" TM has it's own antenna and is a cell phone, modem and can hook up to the nationwide seamless cellular system.

It has a transfer rate is Baud. This system will be part of any integrated consolidation for a dedicated cell phone technology to handle remote control through the inventions computer and will be stored in the legally protected area. It is the best present system for the inventions communication link and the one chosen for the prototypes.

It can also be connected to land base lines with the standard RJ11 phone connector. It does not require any cables and it has no compatibility problems. In many commercial applications and industrial settings it is impossible hazardous or extremely difficult as well as costly to run a hard wire phone line to a machine or piece of equipment in which one might want to have the ability to send data for some programming need.

They also might not want to use either a pager or cell system for cost reasons and or the distance might not be that far. For this application the C. This only requires a very short regular two lead phone wire with the standard modular ends to be plugged into on one end the specially installed regular phone jack a jl 1 on the cordless phone, and on the other end the computer standard modem which is wired in as described above and turned on just prior to sending the command to dial from the computer.

It would not be too difficult to even have the laptop turn on the transceiver in the hand held cordless phone by sending the appropriate signal from the switch circuit that controls the On of phone function, however, it is really not needed and not a great challenge for anyone, who has owned both a computer and a regular cordless phone for any length of time.

There also can be some difficulty in high speed data transfer for digital signals and will require slower speeds and in some cases or data compression and decompression hardware. However, most PC's seek the fastest speed they can communicate automatically.

Even if this device is used independently of the secure containment systems it falls under the unique C. These are hardware connectors for the most part which will be serviced by 14 wire of cable modem design unless otherwise provider for in the compartment or trays and or required by some custom specifications.

There are a great deal of manufactures that produce peripheral connections and these proprietary connections will be configured to allow the universal interchange and quick connection of all these separate devices to be used in any secure box interface. The manufacturers producing these connectors are named below as well as the cell phone peripheral connections.

Once again, these are a few of the connectors that have been used in the past for the computer interface with communication devices for pagers, cell phones, radios and land line phone modem connections. This short list is in no way intended to represent all of the interfaces and connections the invention uses or will use in the future.

But merely to show the inventions compatibility to all COTS products. One system of interfacing for all these older systems will be the peg board system much like an electrical engineer's or experimenter's bread board, which will offer female jack holes in parallel rows And all the specific cots devices will have their specialized connector on one end connecting cable and on the other end will be male plug which is able to be inserted into this general multi- peg board buss set up for Serial, parallel SCSI and or any of the newer interface connections like the IEEE The peg board bus is shielded all the way around in plastic covered insulated foil to reduce electrical noise.

Infrared communication interfacing and coupling for data transfer is another way to interface devices in the invention with out a direct cable connector type system or the traditional DCC computer connections. However, this system has its limitations as well, e. The problem is that the present algorithm used to run the application when disconnect from a first application will inadvertently and simultaneously disconnect from any other infrared application running.

However, infrared technology is fast becoming another easy way to interface devices and will serve well presently for single applications as used with other multiple interface data transfer systems DCC Voice and even fiber optics. One innovative design for the infrared interfaces is to have their optical windows on a flexible electrical cable cord and have the windows out fitted in a velcrove band that would have its mating tape on the C.

Product IR window for quick, proper and stable attachment of the two windows for an optimal union energized from the main controller. There is in another modality and design a convex semi-circular chamber node or glass ball node covered in velcrove, which provides a number of uncoverable attachable port holes to couple a number of Ir optical cable end windows to form a multi- port fiber optical cable juncture on this optical node.

In a second modality this same glass node or reflective prism could be connecting fiber optic cables or flexible glass or plastic rods with specially prepared ends to accept and transfer the data stream optically so long as it did not bend the infrared light and corrupt the data stream.

These ends would also be attached with velcrove to allow the user to quickly install and interface the devices no matter where their Ir ports were located. There are many attaching devices and using any different system should not constitute any uniqueness on this protected and flexible interface for IR interfaces as described above.

And also aid in the second embodiment of the secure PFN by making additional couplings of future C. The future concise and consolidated IC boards will also have edge connectors, e. The secure PFN has a real commercial purpose as a secure lock up interface to provide a good environment to accomplish these interfaces and protect them from theft and unwanted tampering.

Even though these designs can support data transmission for video and graphic, they are limited in speed and can in most cases service one host computer, however, they can be utilized within the invention. The invention will be configured and detailed in the series parts to accommodate and work with these shortcomings as well as all the types of connectors and interfaces previously mentioned as backward technologies because of it's wide array of combinations and levels of operation, and to deliberately develop a universal interface system for all peripherals and combinations to better serve the Machine Messaging Network MMN.

However, designs where ever possible will incorporate the IEEE because they provide the best service with size considerations for the physical connections and they provide for 63 connected devices and computers networked being of great importance in the PFN secure box system as is apparent to any one skilled in the art.

And ultimately they will be more universally used as an electronics coupler through out all industries to compete interface tasks, e. Product "Tripmate" which can connect through the mouse or key board ports. PS2, Etc and run it's own digital accompanying software, or any other GPS system that can provide location coordinates electronically for other digital software products, i.

These systems can position the vehicle and map it in the PC display which will allow the operator to locate and guide himself individually and faster without having to use any outside support software service or servers, which will free up any network system software or commercial servers for those who need it. These products have been developed to chart the best driving path and give on the road instruction verbally and in written directions and in map diagrams.

Depending on the differential correction service the GPS position accuracy can attain 1 meter. While this has been designed to be used in the inventions own devices this credit card size GPS is one modality to give GPS to Laptops and Palm Tops which is described as another product of the invention. All these portable and mobile PFN interfaced systems would increase the speed and efficiency of all the on board and offboard systems as this individual hardware and software ownership become the norm: Through these inexpensive and natural improvements manufacturing costs will be lowered and consolidated, and miniaturization will be achieved and more optimal hardware and software device augmentations will be forthcoming.

All of these combinations variations and changes still all fall under the nature and scope of this invention when utilized for these stated purposes and developed in the manner described and or utilized herein. The Phillips' chip set could like wise be easily combined with the inventions system computers and either run on board software or access a CD write disk or MO drives or any other storage device.

This is another product development of the invention the integration of GPS into a mobile computer system, e. This is in keeping and a progression of development from the interfacing personal electronic array of carrying cases to consolidated portable personal products that can be used with and away from any PFN , e. Head phones, microphone and voice recognition technology and their can be privacy and or hands free control over this device. These products all exist as C. Also with the new described Sony D-Wave protocols-location can be obtained though this phone technology another space saving attribute.

Once again this is a list of a great deal of the hand held C. The invention has been designed to give order to the process of vehicular messaging, remote control and complete robotics. With this in mind it is important to remember that a lot of new products, services and companies have ballooned onto the market with everything from autotheft deterrent and prevention devices to the interactive highway systems of the future.

And basically because of the great strives in telecommunications Satellite positioning, solid state computer product and their software all being employed more readily than ever imagined on mobile platforms. This is another major reason the invention creates the secure accountable containment primary focal node PFN for all these in industries, companies and government agencies to have a structured environment to set up standards, acceptable modalities, practices and regulations for this present menagerie of technical and commercial mergers.

With this in mind, these are some of the present tracking , anti-theft companies and remote control systems on the market that would be a welcome addition and be enhanced in the secure box interface. This list is once again in no way considered compete as to all those products and companies that would be served well or serve well in the invention:. If full robotics systems or even partial remote control devices are deployed their is a host of insurance and civil questions that need to be answered and one of the most important is how do we assign accountability and liability for the driver actions and the automated vehicle operations.

This is the third reason for the secure accountable PFN. It will be a necessity for the interactive highways and the smart car development to be accepted by our society institutions insurance companies and our legal system. The series computer has been thoroughly described in the previous patent application and is an excellent in expensive system to be coupled with a myriad of devices and communication equipment. However in some of the heavy duty remote control applications and robotic's full computers are required and full data storage devices are also required for accountability.

The reason for the many varied computer controller boards is to accommodate all the varied functions of the invention's peripherals, e. Their are many other computers that could be used in the invention, however these 5 will be able to complete most all the PFN functions to report to any size control system or additional PFN it needs to net work with e. As the losses have Ride-hailing service provider Uber Technologies Inc could be banned in Taiwan after authorities accused it of operating illegally, with officials yesterday saying a final decision would be handed down next week.

Uber entered the Taiwanese market in Women outnumber men in seven cities, with the ratio the lowest in Taipei, where there are only The National Federation of Passenger Bus Transportation Operators yesterday said it was making changes to bus schedules for next month, adding that it might have to cut its transport service by 20 percent to comply with changes in labor policy.

Following a meeting with more than 40 public transport companies from across the nation, Bus service on less popular routes in Northern Taiwan could be reduced starting in August due to a new labor directive that prevents employees from working more than six days in a row without a day off, bus operators announced Friday.

Ten bus operators from the Greater Taipei area, Keelung, Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli said after a meeting Friday that they are considering cutting bus service on less popular routes by 50 percent from Aug. Routes with low ridership may even be suspended on holidays because of a possible driver shortage after the new regulation, recently issued by the Ministry of Labor, hits the road on Aug.

Car-booking app Uber could be banned in Taiwan, after state officials claimed the company did not operate lawfully within the country. On Wednesday, treasury authorities said Uber's licence could be revoked because it was registered as a software company, not as a taxi service.

But hours later, the Executive Yuan government said it wanted to discuss options with Uber. The California-based company said it would welcome the discussion The annual Han Kuang military exercises are to be held from Aug. These services are renewing vehicle registration card for individuals, issuing vehicle registration card in Panaji: Several passengers hoping to travel to Karnataka on Friday ended up stranded at the Panaji bus stand instead, as they were unaware of the two-day bus ban.

These single-stage dimmable LED controllers support fly-back and buck-boost topologies in order to provide primary-side regulation that achieves an accurate constant-current output without requiring opto-couplers and secondary control circuitry. Operating at up to W and featuring multiple Belagavi: Public transportation was badly affected in the district on Sunday as most of the NWKRTC employees did not turn up for duty owing to their indefinite strike demanding a salary hike.

A majority of buses did not hit the roads though the strike was supposed to begin These DC-DC step-down converters are capable of driving loads up to 1A with excellent line- and load-regulation provided by a constant-frequency PWM control that requires no external compensation and so minimizes component count and material costs. Developed to The fall semester of elementary, junior high and senior-high schools is to begin on Aug The minister made the comments after both Uber and taxi operators appealed to the public by talking on radio shows on Monday and yesterday.

Uber said that the nation has yet to have rules in place to regulate innovative services like Uber, while taxi operators said that they would support Taipei: A seven-year-old male giraffe has died of anxiety after being caged and loaded onto a truck at a Taiwan zoo, the latest animal death to spark angry calls for tougher protection laws.

The giraffe -- named Hsiao Chiu -- was due to be transported from the municipal Taipei Zoo to a private zoo for mating when he began to struggle and then The Hakodate-bound flights will depart at a. More than taxis surrounded the Executive Yuan, crawling along neighboring roads.

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