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Forex sinhalen pariganaka

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But this is True. This is called REM Antonia 5. How Long Does this Moment Last? Many Feel the Presence of Someone at that Time. This Happens Due to Fear. Source - No One Care. Labels: Life tips , Sleep Paralysis. Sri lanka best prepaid Internet Plans from Airtel.

Smart Phone Packs. Data Bundle, Rs. Sinhala Tamil Aluth Avurudu Litha Labels: External Pharmacy Exam - Labels: current trends in pharmacy , External Pharmacy Exam , pharmacy forecast , pharmacy forecast , pharmacy outlook , pharmacy trends , retail pharmacy trends Labels: pariganaka drudanga pdf , wijaya pariganaka , wijaya pariganaka magazine The problem is that the Internet does not belong to a government or any organization.

It is the ultimate democracy. Every one is contributing with their networks and servers. Unicode wants to promote business for its owners. So already there are European companies churning out Indic converters to Latin to show them back in the native letters! They said that this was a business decision. What Unicode accomplishes is isolation of small communities like the Sinhalese.

Even the Tamils though they can provide economies of scale for a Tamil-only Internet, they would also be split like the Sinhalese between the English users and the rest. JCA — about nanasala had been discussed. Like a film it is coming soon!!! This site is also under the President of Sri Lanka. What a sad situvation!!!! All these problems are with the incomplete Sinhala unicode. With your computer you will be able to see Japanese or Korean even if you dont understand This is beause all these charactes are registered with ISO and Unicode.

I think you have not read my post completely. Why dont you click the Open Enrich Icon and then go inside. I saw so many content submitted from various parties which are under this platform. Further all these are in Unicode. Well as per Microsoft all I know is that Sinhala Unicode based Language enable pack for Vista is finalized and MS will be releasing either with initial release or subsequently. Contact local MS office for more details who are doing most of the required co-ordination work.

Am not talking about Linux as they have already enabled Sinhala Unicode, and even major search engines such as Google has enabled it. Just go and do Googling in Sinhala Unicode, where you will see so many pages apparing unlike good old days. So look at in another 3 months you will be further amazed to see more and more content popping up.

Quote from No 1 Has any one even try…. Simply by blocking a system proposed by me with full sinhala characters you cannot make such comment. I think people in this blog are now understanding the truth. Donald is just yet another Dino. He threw some of the wastes to kids in Mahavilachchiya and became famous and now exploiting the opportnuties to become rich at his old age. We had enough of these Dinos.

Quote from 94 He threw some of the wastes ……….. Is it wrong for any individual to become rich or richer or richest? Then I cane to an English page. I selected Sinhala as you said and go a page full of question marks. Why Question Marks? Obviously, because I do not have Sinhala Unicode in this machine I used to go there. That statement has to be clarified. My not having Sinhala Unicode means I do not have all support software for showing fonts that are written for the Sinhala code block of the Unicode databse.

My computer is fully Unicode enabled. However, Sinhala needs to be specially installed in it speciafically to read Sinhala. This is the fundamental problem with Unicode. I mean the part of Unicode that assigns codepoints to characters, which are larger than single bytes. ISO was disbanded ? Only Thais smelt the stink and refused to change.

ISO had the best solution for us. Unicode character scheme killed Indic! The bickering Indians gave the hint when their ISO failed in disagreement. Now, we have two bytes for each letter and it has to have special requirements like UTF Nothing different from Latin-1 aka ISO You need to generate pages as showed in the above part of this entry.

This is why I am proposing romanized Sinhala. Everything of Unicode is not bad. One good side of Unicode is the font technology that gave birth to Smart Fonts. Gather around folks, America rules! I live in Texas, right? The Bush country, alas — aho. You are right. Sinhala would be there when it is ready. They want the government to buy a ton of Windows Vistas, of course.

It is not a contest for me. I want the people of my native land, Sinhala and Tamil, to be included in the brave new world of technology, not to languish in the backwater while a handful selfishly deprive them of the opportunity.

The most fuuniest thing is there are over 70 applicants for the ICT Research and innovation grants. None of these guys have the backbone to put any comment on this blog relating to Sinhala and Tamil usage.

As someone who is keenly interested in ICT, I have been following your blog for quite some time. Sometimes I feel so sad to read your messages. There are so many enthusiastic individuals in this forum Donald, Harsha, Harsula, Dharma and JC who are interested in contributing their expertise to the development of ICT, but I understand now they do not get an opportunity. I can understand, if given the least opportunity how much they can do to our beloved Mother Lanka.

I believe the issue is with the present management with the ICT Agency. Professors of the old school do not understand the contemporary issues in the ICT. We need to have a very dynamic CEO who can understand the issues correctly. Manju was dynamic, but he too did not have the correct exposure to ICTs.

I know that because I have studied computer science at post graduate level and possess more than 20 years experience in the field. It is also important that our approach should be a collective one. There is no point individually shouting.

The voice of one person will die in the noise. We all should get together in the task of developing the ICT field in our beloved motherland. Except for my tight schedule, I am always willing to invite you people all for a drink so we can discuss how better we can take the ICT forward in this country. I am sure people like Donald have lots of innovative ideas to share with us. We should also get the guidance of other ICT experts too. It will be a long journey, but we should start somewhere.

The very ambitious e-Sri Lanka program, which was launched in by the Sri Lankan government with the assistance from the World Bank, has suddenly entered to troubled waters with the admission of political appointees to its highest echelons. The future of this USD 53 million program which according to its own vision statement intend to harness ICT as a lever for economic and social advancement by taking the dividends of ICT to every village, to every citizen, to every business and to re-engineer the way government thinks and works, now stand at crossroads, without anybody knowing what would happen tomorrow.

For the last few months there was a severe and unpleasant political battle between the ex-CEO, who was appointed by the previous government and the Chairman, a political appointee of the current government. Ultimately after the public exchange of many acidic comments against each other by both parties at discussion forums and e-groups the Chairman, a retired Professor, was able to gain control by deciding not to extend the tenure of the CEO, though the latter has served just mere three years.

Now the program is headed by this retired Professor, whose weak heath condition makes him unsuitable for any type of job, let alone leading a national level ICT for Development initiative. However, with his strong political connections so far, he has successful in the game of survival. He has also refused appointing a new CEO, rather indefinitely postponed the appointment, because it might weaken his position. Under the previous CEO, the e-Sri Lanka program had been able to achieve many important milestones, notably in taking the dividends of ICT to the poorest of the poor in Sri Lanka society.

More than telecentres were established under the Nanasala telecentre program. A Government Information Centre to provide all government services through online too has been set up. In addition there were many initiatives to produce local content in Sinhalese and Tamil, the languages of the common people. Sending e-mail in local language was not possible previously and this was made possible by accepting and implementing the Sinhalese Unicode standard.

Under the new management most of these programs have come to standstill. Perhaps the worse was the financial frauds now alleged to take place in the program. Some complain that the removal of the previous CEO was to pave way for these frauds.

Few months back, the national newspapers alleged some of the highest level of ICTA officials involved in awarding a USD 13 million deal to a company that have not even met the basic requirements to bid. This company does not have a local partner and have not explained how it will implement an island-wide network without having a local presence. The newspapers linked this company to a close relative of a powerful politician. It is surprising why the post of the CEO of the program remain vacated for more than two months now.

Without a CEO, the work of the program has come to a standstill with nobody knowing what to do. Due to insufficient confirmations from participants, we decided to postpone the IT Workshop to the 2nd of November. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. This is really great. The thief has to be exposed internationally.

Dino, death is coming. Be prepaired. Your time is up. Sir, I do not know you from Adam. In fact, we have heard these rumors even before the post was advertised. So basically, it will be a political appointment. The advertisement is probably for the consumption of the konde bendapu cheenas in the World Bank. Api nodanna chess! I have never seen your CV, so I am not in a position to say whether you are qualified for the job or not.

That has to be seen in future. ICTA has so far recruited quite a few incompetent fat cats, so I guess another one would not burden the system too much. My only question to you sir, if you are so qualified why do you try to enter ICTA through the back door? As a professional, why dont you try the front door? Or is it your habit you always try first knocking the backdoor? The backdoor entrants are hardly known to achieve anything, except for themselves and their families.

Thanks for the beer. I suggest you invite the poor people for a drink and ask their opinion, instead of asking our views. We have nothing more to say than what we already said above. Rasputra or Rasputin may have his credentials. I will be the one least surprised even if Donald performs a suicide attack at Rasaputra Rasputin if sorry, when Rasa gets the top job.

Donald will be history with his stupid solution soon. This entire thing is not so complicated as everyone is making it out. First find what we want. Hold on to those dollars because they cause debts — all 53 million read the report. The common man cannot afford a computer, and worse, has no use for it. What is the use of a computer when he does not have a use for it? There is no Sinhala of general utility in it in spite of all the noise about Unicode.

Perhaps there are rich, bilingual urbanites using Unicode Sinhala for their pet projects such as turning Sinhala into half-baked Sanskrit. Does the World bank guys know this? Of course yes. They are a bank, whose business is lending money. Wait, how about Windows Vista? Samarajiva, we need only 24 AWG copper pairs for this. We have them hanging from those posts.

This is the single reason that the Internet became so popular in America — very affordable rates. The Internet has a unique way of educating people, English speaking or not. Humans are curious by nature and that means we learn. Let the youth read, play and learn on their own.

This facilitates messaging. Inter-communication among peers accelerate learning. Sinhala in English? Smart fonts will show romanized languages in native script. Throw that Vista to the dogs. Unicode font technology is supported even in old Windows NT! Next time I write in romanizd Sinhala. JC, Kidding???

Do you expect me to read your Sinhala? I too am one of those good — for -nothing fellows. Never expect me to do anything for Sinhlese or Tamil. I will only work for English speking ctholics as most of the organiztion chiefs do in Sri Lanka. Perhaps it is due to the presence of Mr. Rasaputra here. We Sri Lankans do not need anyone to teach us how to reach the limelight.

Now everybody including Donald is in the process of preparing their own plans on how best to butter Mr. Rasaputra, I guess it is not you who made the second comment. People like you knows nothing about the Sinhala culture and Sinhala Language but educated in basic Sinhala writes like this. If you had written a comment like this in any other country you will have to quit even the present job you hold. You all are fooled.

He will never appear in here. Like good old Dino, he will keep away from dangerous places like these and will have his own people around to carry on. Quote Change of out look: Rather than going to this with a confrontational stance, as you have on akuru.

We have to find the short comings and correct it. When these short comings are listed they are not prepared to admit it. Still twisting words and go in search of methods to fill their pockets. Someone must have sent you that email with good faith. Prof Sam never expected his reputation to be smashed this way. You are on the safe side yet and who knows how many are hunting for your weaknesses? I have the Smart Font that does it. It makes Sinhala the only dual-script language, so far.

Tamil follows. Smart Fonts are a bit ahead in technology. Windows Vista supports it in its Notepad and perhaps Firefox browser would support Smart Fonts, soon too. When that happens, Sinhala is equally technologically enabled as English. Their images were smashed to zero within their bad time and the next target can be you.

Pride goes before a fall. When bad times come, your image too will be smashed. You must have done your mistakes too. Once they are exposed you too will be at the receiving end. So, use your brain and be reasonable.

I am a young software engineer. I passed out three years ago and now working in a major software firm in Colombo. This is an earnest request from you. I request this from you because you are one of the extremely few people who can do this. I might not agree with you fully that VK Samare, Gihan Dias and the gang is fully responsible for the pathetic developments or lack of it we have so far made in introducing Sinhala to computers.

Assuming even if they are responsible for that, it is not the worst thing they have done. I have understood this even when I was in the university. This small mafia now governs the entire ICT industry. They do not allow anybody to break into their domain. We can never think of doing anything without first getting their permission. Even somebody as smart as Manju was not successful in entering their domain. Another victim was Dr. Dilantha Withanage. VK Samare uses all his powers to discourage anybody who even speaks a word against him.

I know several cases he threatened people and he has even threatened the employers of those who criticize him. VK is basically a venomous snake. He unsympathetically bites anyone who steps on him. The only person who survived is you. The bottom line most of the youngsters like us cannot even say a word against him because if we do, we know the next day VK Samare will see that he will end our careers. To be frank, I am so afraid to say anything against him. I appear here, because I can come anonymously and because I trust Prof.

Rohan S. Otherwise, I never even think of saying anything against this venomous man. If I say something against him, I know if he cannot take revenge in this life, VK Samare will come after me even in my next life, through out the sansara. You are somebody special because you are one of the few people neither VK Samare nor Gihan could not do anything. So you are in a relatively safe position.

You have been against them and you are not afraid of them. They cannot ruin you. If they can they would have done it already. So in fact, even perhaps you do not know it, you have a much larger role than you play. You have to destroy this mafia and protest the ICT industry of this country. In other three years these people will suck all the blood from the ICT industry and let us only the peel.

We have to do something. So forget about this Sinhala Unicode battle for the moment and try to destroy this mafia. I do not think you can do it alone. But everybody should join hands to do it. So please stop put a full stop to the Unicode battle, or rest it for sometime and think of contributing to this effort of national importance. Guys, we have to do it now. Given his age and health conditions, VK Samare might visit the other world in another years maximum, but we should not make sure the ICT industry too not dies with this serpent.

We have to protect it. We will help you in getting your patent. On the other hand you have to do something much bigger for the nation. You have to expose these people and tell the world what they have done.

You have to make sure your voice is heard by the top people in the country. You have to talk to journalists and tell them. You have to tell the international community. In short, you have to break their present empire one way or the other. I do not know exactly how, but you have to do it. Simply because I am writing the truth. What they missed out. We need a character allocation table for Sinhala. Unicode and Sinhala unicode are two different componants. I only object to the sinhala unicode. What Sri Lanka registered into this consortium is incorrect and incomplete set of Sinhala characters.

International community will never understand this issue because it is too basic. The way to break them is only through Sinhala issue and Dot IK. The officers in the patent office always consult the Dino. There are heaps of negative reports annex into my file. Lets see the outcome of it. That is why I am fighting all alone. Need more comments from young people like you. Specially into News papers. If you all are scared— email the contents to me.

I will upload to the site. They will have my IP number!!!! They had tried to break into my system yet failed. Apple system security is far advance than one think. Moment someone breaks into the codes anywhere in the world they automatically upgrade the system using internet. At no cost to the customer. You are not the only one who was affected by Dino and Gihan D in this country. We are getting report from mahawilchchiya that 30 houses and a public school have been connected to internet under a project callled mesh.

Dino tried his best to close down mahawilchchiya project some time ago but those enterrising people have shown what they can do to the world. Dino will try his best to prevent these kids coming to the ICT world with his golayas in every nook and corner in Sri Lanka. With a starting price tag of 5, rupees, the handsets come factory-fitted with Sinhalese keypads, phone menus and settings.

However, a number of handsets are brought down illegally and sold at a steep discount to the originals. Softlogic Holdings is an authorized partner for Dialog GSM mobile phones in Sri Lanka which is the largest mobile operator with over 2. The market venture will focus on the groups in towns and rural areas who are less fluent in English but keen to use a mobile phone.

Meanwhile, Mobitel has also released its Sinhala enabled Nokia phone, which at the moment is available in only one model but throughout its islandwind all sales outlets. The Sinhala enabled phones are manufactured and assembled by Nokia which has nine factories world wide. The telecom regulator is in the process of selecting a fifth operator.

I am a IT consultant there. How many do you want to write web sites for out of a million frustrated business persons? Rasaputra, speak up and confirm what I say! These small businesses all wish that they have web sites.

Only very few have them. The reason is that there are no affordable, reliable and highly skilled web developers that they can use. This is the special niche that Sri Lanka can capture. No college degree needed.

Just the appetite to learn. Age: 10 upwards. The tools are free: Apache web server the most popular web server in the world — mine is running in on a MHz PC running Windows NT — hosting five web sites an old man can write for his loyal customers. Yes a dinosaur. Who cares? The web sites hum with power. So, understand that you need only an old computer to develop web sites. MySQL database: Free. The number one web based database used by the biggest and fastest web sites.

Put them up on PHP site like everyone else did. Use romanized Sinhala. Not because I advocate it, but because it is Universally accessible and readable. This is the reason for Dino to block Sinhala. To create a class and block the Sinhala speaking people coming forward Dinos group try their best to give an inferior product.

An electronic typewriter and say it is a computer. If you only read from the seventh line from the bottom. We tested the fast-typing keyboard Sunday night. The impromptu tester was ten-year-old Migara Jayasekara. He is bi-lingual and cannot read much Sinhala. Then taught him what the basic vowels are and how to type long vowels simply double up the letter. Then we changed the font in Notepad to Sumangala Sinhala smart font.

Now he could see how his name in Sinhala. Next, we asked him to type his last name staying in the Sinhala font. Donald, See some of the comments made by me. Please go through them. It has to be on full characters and a Allocation Table is a must.

Nokia has come out good issue the bad part is it will never be compatable with another brand or a mobile system. It will work with in the frame work of Nokia a act of monopoly. These act of Monopoly has to be stopped. There would not be a monopoly if the character allocation table is published. I do have the copyrights over the issue of using full sinhala characters. With the unicode sinhala a limited number of sinhla may be used.

Chasing the Dino out should be taken as a national duty by all of us. It would be even difficult than chasing Eric Solheim out though. Dino and his golayas have done heavy damages to ICT industry and the whole nation has to pay for that.

Still Dino survives and younger, energetic people get sacked. In these discussions I have seen lot of people saying that they are afraid to go against V. Samare Dino because there career is in danger. Then what i think is your carere is doomed anyway. I am really surprised to see, V. Sam is still in power.

This shows how poor our country is. I am a former Colombo University student and I can still remember the very first day we were welcome to the Computer Science special Dig program. He never wanted to see my face in there and he threaten us me mentioning a slogan of our student union.

We always fought against his unfair activities wherever possible including in the Faculty board. We had some success and lot of losses. Rest of the academic staff of the Colombo University was so afraid to say a word against these serpents. Then V. Except student union of that time and one or two teachers no one never opened there mouth against that. He won mostly because of the spineless academic staff of the University of Colombo. But we never let this serpents to destroy our future and professional careers.

I understand the unfortunate situation of other disciplines. Even before I finished my degree I was able to find a job. If you want to be involved in real innovative technology, If you are dreaming to see your code to be running in every part of the world, if you really want to get payed fairly according to the international market values and lastly if you are planning to be a real professional, you should not even think about to get associated with those companies who lick VK and gangs sorry asses, they cant help you.

For the record I do not think that you have to come to US to be successful. There are so many opportunities out there in IT world Yes VK will not understand the diversity and depth of this field- Aho! If I explain this in terms of my own experience: I work for kind of big software comp in US.

You may ask why we are not recruiting Sri Lankans. Our HR dept says that there are not enough available people there. If you want to kick VKs ass there are so many ways you can do it now in this digital world. Go to yahoo, goggle groups post what you have to say or create a new group.

Write a blog. If you are pissed get a domain name f kyouVKSamara. But when you think about all this, fighting these idiots does it worth the effort. There are so many other important things in this world. There are many another ways to look at these too. But I feel some people here are really frustrated of the situation in the local environment. So you may need to get some intellectual break. Do not get me wrong I am not trying to take the potential Donald supporters or lirneasia fan base away.

I just want to have some fun with one of my old enemy ;-. Rest of the papers are not accepted by the Key Guys stating they are baised. Need more comments into this blog as more people now do read this blog. I should have let you in and then back stabbed you with a smiling face from the front. Now I am paying for what I did. My reputation is going down to zero!!! I am old man. Let me die in peace. I am not worried about damn copyrights. My bloody reputation is being tarnished.

How can i face the ICT crowds at conferences, worksops now. I lived like an emporer and you made me a joker by exposing my malpractises to the whole world. I could have lived few more years if I could cheat the whole world. But now I know I am dying fast. I am a dabetic. Have mercy. Donald, You seems to think like those old school media people.

The world is changing. The way people get information is changing. I hope you heard how bloggers challenging conventional media here in US. And the other thing is these attacks should not be rooted from a single place.

Samarageewa decides to shut down this place what will happen Yeah some one will start some thing for sure to start over again from the zero. It will give some kind of comfort to people in lirneasia too. Dot limit to Unicode. If the buzz is some where else those suckers will be forced to read them. Try to understand how much power the civil society cyber has. Try to create some pressure from bottom and diversify it. There is no other easy way to do this.

A full scale cyber attack!!!!! One which is similar to Mawil Aru attack!!!!! How can I survive this. I am an old man. Sc Ceyl. But if you go ahead with your cyber attack, these dirty blogs will come up and my name will be destroyed internationally. Even God pardons wrong doers.

Blocking youth to be creative while I was in University of Colombo 2. Discouraging young professionals 3. Plundering government money to educate my sons in USA 4. Destroying the hopes of those innocent kids in Mahavilachchiya since But those brats keep performing and make me a big joke in the country.

Threatening journalists who went against my propoganda Throwing away papers submitted by proffesionals to talk on ICT issues at conferences held here. I usually promote my only henchmen like Chandana Weerasinghe and the clan. Why should I let other bughers in? Wasting TV hours by showing my monkey face there so often people in this country change the channel when the word computers or ICT is anounced by the announcer How can any other IT gurus exisit in Sri Lanka?

Locking horns with Donald. This is the worst crime I did. I should have asked him to join me for a beer and cheat him as I chaeted the president, his brothers and Lalith W. See, I have done only these 13 gosh!!! Can anyone challenge me and add anymore crimes I did? See how an innocent old man I am. Do not let me die of heart attack on an easy chair in ICTA. Let me die at a hospital bed like the other old people do. Do not let the whole nation curse my sons and call them Sons of ……. I have tried many avenues.

First they gets activated and all of a sudden Dead for unknown reasons. I have given all the news paper articles but they talk of the publisher than reading the content. Is this what we wanted. So this will became another National Defence problem. WOW what a beautiful National Defence we have. Hi Donald, Quote I have tried many avenues. That is exactly what I am trying to explain. Trying to convince conventional media will not work. Your so called key guys want read the news until there is enough buzz every where.

We have to make all those only referring to conventional media and try to be in conventional. This is real in here US for a good amount. By design conventional. So it is always old news. One more thing I want to make the record clear here. Trying to do this artificially will not work. Sorry just a little one, have a little fun with VK.

I know Donald also will have to help Hey Donald, Just a little idea, I know that you are trying so hard to get some fund to implement your Donald code thingy, right? At the same time you want to make money using your copyrights. Yes you have to sacrifice your copyright thing.

But you can still make money using services and the likes if you really want to. More than any thing you have to give-up your old passion attitude if you want to involve in such a sharing and community oriented environment. But if you really want to see your thing going you need to look in to that kind of avenues.

Just go to few universities, put a notice about your project give few gifts like few iPods, or whatever to initiate a momentum; you need to get to real geeks. Explain your views honestly; I hope you will get few guys to initiate. Heads to do this I know. And also Prof: Tenanboam did not support Linus. Then do it that way. Shut up your mouth, spend some money your money that is Implement your thing and sell it. I knew long long time ago one company called Microimage was doing that with a funny dongle to protect there product so hardly.

I know because I wrote an app to a Singhala pager for a company I think no longer exists used there font system, for good sum of money at that time I think it was the first singhala mobile communication device, It was developed by Motorola India. So if you want to make propriety money you need to be a good IT business man, and you need a product line to fund it.

Only other option is Open source as I explained above. So think about it…. I have the copyrights over the character allocation table and commercial usage over that product. If you can use my table and make a million dollars why cant I get a royalty!!! There are other patents and copyrights owners for the final product Open source is secondary item. Primary issue is to accept the fact that the present registered characterset is incomplete and incorrect. It is the typewriter technology.

Then write all the sinhala characters in to Illustrator format by a person who has some knowledge in typology and typography. For different weights about three sets are needed. This is a very wide subject and a project. The final product has to be given free to the public for non commercial activity. Send me your postal address to send the list of Sinhala characters You will be surprise to see the count You can get my Id from the web site. It is a pity to see that Mr.

Donald Gaminitilake is only concerned about taking his personal agenda ahead and shown no interest in becoming a part of a wider initiative with goals of national importance. He is a typical Sri Lankan. His only worry is to get his own share from the money currently being wasted. He is not interested in anything else. I will not waste my time with him anymore. My personal view is allowing copyrights for any standard is a big problem in this industry. That will put unnecessary burden on using the standard.

Basically there is no real intellectual thing in any standard anyway. None of the standards in information technology are perfect and ultimate. And also standards have to do some compromises based on feasibility, bargain power of the involved parties, etc.

Most important part of the standard is it has to become the standard. What will make a standard a standard. People should follow it. What do they do, they are selling land in moon, yes real state in fucking moon. They got the rights to it :- So they are selling.

To me you are also like that. May be not exactly, because that guy I saw in TV he sold a piece of land to Bill Clinton also :- So he is selling, you are not selling.. In your code it seems like you are mapping all possible singhala character to a code. That is not engineering.

That is the obvious answer any grade one student will give you. It need little more analysis than that. I say little because any idiot in this world should not take 25 fucking years to do that analysis So lastly what ever the singhala Unicode there is at fonts. It does not have this and that.

Some how it is getting pushed thru peoples throat. My only problem is why it took 25 years to come up with some kind of sensible Standerd for singhala character mapping. Unicode consortium is more than 15 years old. How many years did it take for these IT experts to evaluate the Unicode option. I just got in to this site by an accident, and saw some VK Sam bashing here and there. Now I am arguing with Donald. But if VK and the gang is still in power then there is nothing really to know about it anyway.

But when ever you want a help on that I am ready. Donald has no sense of the country. He is seeking money, money and money. Nothing else. See his site on Sinhala akuru. He is advertising his annex there. Looks like you too are going to fade yourself like Dino did. Quote Donald Gaminitilake is only concerned about taking his personal agenda ahead Unquote.

You also will ONLY rant, rant and rant for the next 2 years without any result. Do something rather than ranting. What you can do is to print a leaflet explaining what Dino did to you and distribute that among the crowd. It is better than ranting here. You may also give the URL to your site so if anyone interested can visit your site.

Who wants to mess around our authority in. We are the directors. We are officially appointed. Who wants to mess around our authority? Nobody can rule over us. Not even the government. We are the government. How come people claim SLS is incomplete and incorrect when the same has been used very effectively in applications such as Optical Character Recognition and Handwriting Recognition? Some of these topics will be discussed in detail at the Language Processing and Human Computer Interaction thematic session of the International Information Technology Conference on Oct 12, Ranmuthugala ,G.

Pathiragoda , K. Karunaratne ,S. Jayasundara ,Gihan Dias, A. Weerasinghe, D. Herath, N. Sinhala language is already there not only in computers but also in devices like mobile phones in so many different ways. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

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How to Start in Forex. posted a video to playlist Forex For Beginners. Sep 10, 󰞋󰟠 පරිගණක වැඩ්ඩෝ - Pariganaka Waddo. Personal blog. පරිගණක වැඩ්ඩෝ - Pariganaka Waddo. Interest. Education website. Sinhala Forex. Education. Forex helper in Sri lanka. New1 ; Understanding Chart Patterns for Online Trading · Investor Trading Academy. Investor Trading Academy ; 10 DIFFERENT TYPES! How to do Ponytails with Rubber.