woodie cci forex indicators
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Woodie cci forex indicators karkersz forex

Woodie cci forex indicators

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I will probably update description in the future and get into more detail about how the indicator is used but for now if you want more info look up woodie CCI patterns : Good Luck!! Based on Changes: - red bars removed and replaced by silver ones - yellow bar start of new trend had been added - more parameters can be set in settings dialogue SW constants as well. Simply input the vales of the high, low and closing price of the previous period to calculate the Woodie pivot point and the associated resistance and support levels for the present period.

Script draws CCI34 30 min on 5 min chart. Get started. Indicators, Strategies and Libraries All Types. All Types. Open Sources Only. Woodies CCI. It's a fully unbounded oscillator with a base value of 0 and has no lower or upper limit. Some traders use the indicator to spot a number of tradable CCI patterns both with and against the trend, such as the zero line reject, the reverse divergence and the trendline break.

All other indicator parameters do not affect its calculations and serve as additional visual and audio settings. In addition to the indicators of the histogram and TurboCCI curve, the indicator has an information window on the right that is responsible for additional information, namely:. The name of the Price Action pattern is displayed here when it is formed. In addition to the histogram's aforementioned color signals and the zero level, the Woodie CCI indicator is one of the few instruments that have their own entry patterns.

These patterns were found by the author of the tool, Ken Wood, and added to the indicator settings. They work well on the chart and give accurate signals to enter the market. Zero-line Reject - ZLR. This is one of the main patterns of the system. After the trend has been established, we look for a situation when the CCI chart is as close as possible to the zero lines not reaching, or slightly going beyond the ZL. The CCI then reverses and thereby confirms the trend.

This is where the entry point to the market is. Reverse Divergence - Rev diver. As with all trend patterns, we first need to make sure that the trend is established. For a bullish trend, we look to see if there are peaks and troughs on the CCI charts that can be used to draw a trend line towards the zero-line. We need two peaks to draw a trend line. For a bearish trend, everything is mirrored. This pattern is very similar to the previous one.

The main difference is that we are building a trend line not along small peaks or troughs within one wave, but along the tops of the waves themselves. This means that on the CCI chart, the peaks 1 and 2 or troughs, for a bear market , along which the trend line is drawn, may although they do not have to intersperse with short ZL crossovers.

A horizontal trend line should appear inside the area The rules for drawing a horizontal trend line are the same as in the case of the TLB pattern. CCI, crossing the horizontal line, gives a signal to open a position. This pattern is strengthened if it is based on more than two peaks. The Famir pattern. This pattern is a rebound from the zero-line ZLR , which turns out to be false on the next bar. Vegas Trade - VT. After that, the indicator line makes a smooth reversal in the trend direction for three or more bars.

This reversal looks like a small, rounded depression or area. Then the CCI moves slightly in the direction of the trend and reverses again. A signal to trade in the fall of the indicator line below the previously indicated deepening. Ghost Trade. This is a counter-trend pattern that gets its name because a ghost-like shape is drawn on the chart. In the classical view, this is a common "Head and Shoulders" figure. This pattern includes three trend peaks.

The middle peak is higher than the first and last.

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My setup on the traditional Woodie's CCI was CCI 14, CC 6 and 34EMA.

Woodie's CCI is a time-tested indicator. All you need to do to successfully trade Woodie CCI is to learn how to spot its patterns and work with them. It is. Woodies CCI is a momentum indicator that was developed by Ken Woods. It's based on a 14 period Commodity Channel Index (CCI). The Woodies CCI MT4 forex indicator is a momentum indicator that was built based on the period Commodity Channel Index (CCI). Free download.