investing in frontier markets fishy tale
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Investing in frontier markets fishy tale betting and binary options

Investing in frontier markets fishy tale

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The difference between the pioneers of the past and the present is that today, much of the wealth and influence come not from the modern rich world, but from resource-rich countries with very different values.

Concrete figures are hard to come by, but experts estimate the allocation of sovereign wealth fund assets to frontier markets is less than 5 percent. What for the funds is small exposure makes a huge difference to recipients. Their presence brings mutual benefits. The funds and their targets in poor countries often have shared experience on the economic margins, which fosters a cultural affinity. Countries on the investment frontiers desperately need long-term capital, which sovereign wealth funds can provide.

Recent economic ructions in the West add to the incentive for stronger ties: the risk in developed-market investments has increased, but the prospect of commensurate rewards has not. Sovereign funds are keen to diversify into illiquid but higher-yielding assets in frontier economies in the hope of providing returns for future generations.

And unlike the quarter-to-quarter reporting required from companies in the West, these funds can wait a long time before showing returns. The low level of information in frontier markets creates often significant pricing inefficiencies, which active investors can exploit. Modern sovereign funds have been thrust further into the global economic limelight since the credit crisis cut funding for the hedge funds and private equity groups that had been cocks of the walk.

Only a few years ago, Western politicians were making headlines with attacks on sovereign funds for their secretive ways: behind this were fears their motives were political, rather than commercial. Keen to be accepted, many did make an effort to open up. But since the credit crisis, political calls for greater transparency from the funds have quietened. These funds need a degree of secrecy to function.

The farthest edge of the investing frontier has now reached Mozambique. Such a deal can be done more quickly and with less fuss than a typical bond issue. Those notes are included in J. The concern is less about the way the money was raised than how it will be used. Mozambique is poor. Its budget is part-funded by grants and low-interest loans from rich countries. Its public finances were solid in part because it has been granted extensive debt relief.

When such countries borrow in private markets, it is usually to fund projects, such as toll roads, airports or power stations, which might have broad enough benefits to justify the expense. It is not obvious that a state-run fishing startup is a compelling business proposition.

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Investing in frontier markets fishy tale Budget Women entrepreneurs want digital divide, finance gap to be bridged. LONDON, May 27 Reuters - Sovereign wealth funds -- national vehicles created to grow state wealth for the future -- have long experience investing in exotic and lesser-known lands. European Currency News Updated. Other European corporations including the 17th-century Dutch East India Company, VOC, served as tools of colonial power -- an extension of states -- just as do some sovereign funds today. Of the eleven countries, at least five -- Bangladesh, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan and Vietnam -- could be considered frontier markets for investment purposes. We have to get ready for that.
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Investing in frontier markets fishy tale Short term investing strategies
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Nigeria is no Mickey Mouse oil or cocoa satrapy but Africa's most populous and most powerful state. Buhari's anti-corruption crackdown and refusal to devalue the naira facilitated epic capital flight in Yet since Nigeria's economy plunged into recession after the oil crash, imports demand vanished and the current account deficit is a mere 0.

Nigeria has suffered its worst economic recession since the early 's slump under military dictators Ibrahim Babangida and Sani Abacha. Inflation has surged to 18 per cent, a year high. Despite Buhari's pledge to float the currency, the central bank is still forced to defend the naira at the level to the US dollar. The black market rate is closer to naira, a symbol of the chronic foreign exchange shortage that has devastated Nigeria's traders.

If Osibanjo outlines a credible plan to boost the economy, vanquish Boko Haram, stabilise the naira and clinch an IMF deal, Nigerian equities could just, maybe just, be the next frontier market fairy tale. Stay tuned! My favourite frontier markets since last summer are Vietnam and Saudi Arabia. The Tadawul index is now above 7, If Trump reduces the US naval presence in the Vietnam could be exposed to the Chinese armed buildup - and China has been the traditional enemy of Vietnam for two millennia.

The State Bank of Vietnam intends to use mergers to create bigger banking national champions and boost private sector lending. The GDP growth target is 6. The doi moi reform policy is still alive. This could make the Vietnam country fund a buy at 12 for a 15 target in True, I believe the easy money in Pakistan has now been made in this spectacular frontier bull market.

Karachi is not expensive at 12 times earnings and a 4. The wave of recent bloody terrorist attacks in Pakistan demonstrate political risk is still a sword of Damocles. Yet the Karachi index was 34, when I recommended it in this column last April and is 48, now. The writer is a global equities strategist and fund manager. Markets 4 days ago. Fear is that too-aggressive interest rates hikes may force economy into recession. Markets 5 days ago.

Markets 6 days ago. While there are reasons to tread carefully when it comes to dipping a toe into frontier markets, there are also plenty of opportunities - whether that's in investment trust structures, active approaches or passive products. And also across asset classes, with many investors now able to invest in frontier market fixed income.

In this guide is a definition of what constitutes a frontier market country and how, as a grouping, these economies compare to the emerging markets. It will also look at how investors can get exposure to this asset class, asking whether active or passive investing strategies pay off. Finally, what are the standout frontier market economies? The guide considers where the investment opportunities are. How can investors get access to frontier markets? Please answer the six multiple choice questions below in order to bank your CPD.

Multiple attempts are available until all questions are correctly answered. To bank your CPD you must sign in or. Please complete all the above text fields to bank your CPD. Where are the opportunities in fixed income in frontier markets? This guide is worth an indicative 60 minutes of CPD. Dave Baxter is deputy editor of Money Management. What are frontier markets? Fixed income in frontiers What are the frontier markets to watch?

Learn to love government bonds. Get used to volatility. Learn to love risk. Put up with passives. Weakening US dollar. Higher commodity prices. Macro uncertainty.

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Our Approach to Investing in Frontier Markets

The raciest bets are made in so-called frontier markets, poorer places with even less mature financial sectors than emerging markets. Frontier markets bring particular risks, such as investments being locked up either because of a debt default, currency meltdown or capital. This paper analyzes a new dataset for the aggregate daily trading of all foreign investors in six Asian emerging equity markets and provides two new.