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Tehconnection couch potato investing

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When you make it more complicated, you may sabotage your returns. Is there ever a place in a portfolio for actively managed funds? The biggest factor in your investing success over the long-term is your ability to save and defer spending. Try to develop a disciplined saving strategy before you worry too much about the finer points of investing. You need to grow the potato before you can decide how to cook it or how to dress it.

How do you like your potatoes: baked, mashed, or French fried? I love twice-baked potatoes with lots of sour cream and fresh chives. You know what makes a great investor? By Phone Give us a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Subscribe now Get personal finance info with our monthly round-up. Email address. Follow us. Why it's OK to be a couch potato if you're an investment portfolio. What is couch potato investing? Can anyone be a couch potato? So what's the best investment strategy?

How often should you rebalance? Can I get help with that? What is the secret to successful investing? This interview has been edited for length. Share now. Learn more. Learn More. Related posts Five timeless tips to navigate market volatility. June 9th, Tangerine. Tuning Out Market Noise. June 2nd, Preet Banerjee. Keeping your investments on course. February 24th, Tangerine. Legal Stuff Collapse.

Not to increase, just to return to where it was. Many TSX stocks pay almost nothing in dividends. Someone who bought only in September had to wait till early just to break even. They are just meant as quick examples of real market fluctuations.

Intestinal fortitude. If you sell during a drop, you will almost always lose. And you are not a Couch Potato Index investor any more. Some people who try to be Couch Potatoes panic when the markets drop. They sell low. They then curse the markets and stalk off to invest only in GICs and savings accounts. Regular contributions do make drops easier to weather because you buy some new units when prices are low to help offset the ones you bought when prices were high.

Proper annual rebalancing is also critical and as a bonus it can obscure the cause of your paper losses. We do use Couch Potato Index Investing within one of our defined contribution pension plans. Frankly we have no other logical choice. Fortunately, our bonds fund did extremely well during the last market drop which buffered the loss somewhat.

Or do you actively trade? Or are you a Fixed Income Only investor? Or do you take a hybrid approach? Please share your opinions and advice with a comment. Your examples of how long it took to break even on stock index purchases ignore dividends. Dividends are an important part of stock returns. I just selected this ETF at random for an example. The 3. Again useful but not enough to offset a large market drop quickly.

Still, I do believe in dividends. They kept me from selling BNS when it was sounding for the deeps last year! The above statement is not true. The breakeven point came earlier. The longer the period of time, the bigger the difference dividends make. I traced along the NAV until the originating point was reached again. There was nothing on the chart to say that the NAV had been adjusted to use all values as present day dollars.

I doubt they were. My point, and I stand by it, is that many investors tire of waiting just to get back to where they started and they sell. Couch Potato and indexing work very well for dispassionate investors but not so well for those who invest with their feelings not with their brains. I just signed up for my pension plan at work, and I had the option of going with automatically re-balanced funds SunLife Granite Funds if your familiar — they have target dates , do it yourself.

The do-it-yourself has a few options that would turn into Couch Potato investing, but I opted for the other ones. Mostly because I am not sure I could manage the act of re-balancing and watching things tank. Perhaps when I am more investing savvy, but it just might not be for me. Interesting that you have both options through your pension plan. Did you take a hard look at the fees? Sometimes they can make choosing one or the other more simple: some target funds have very high fees although if the employer is large enough they can be quite reasonable.

Frankly I think DC pension plans are a time bomb. Most Canadians are not financial experts nor do they want to become one. Congratulations on getting to join a plan though! The fees for the target funds are all 0. The ability to do it yourself does have lower fees by about 0. Maybe one day.

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Couch Potato Portfolio from Scott Burns - Review and ETFs

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