mobile home investing with creative strategies inc
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Mobile home investing with creative strategies inc

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Regardless of which mobile home market you invest in, one trait of mobile home investing is identical across America: the high demand for affordable housing. A simple ad on Craiglist can garner ten calls a day. That makes the average mobile home in a mobile home park the best value in America, and one that no other form of housing can match. And beyond price alone, mobile homes offer residents some definite advantage over apartments including:.

Investing in mobile homes allows you to participate in the huge demand for affordable housing at an extremely low price point and with little competition. It can be extremely profitable, low-risk, and a great way to create a strong additional income stream or nest egg. With over 25 years of experience and more than communities, he is uniquely poised to bring you up to speed.

Both events are Virtual and will be recorded. Loading Comments Email Required Name Required Website. Some manufacturers even allow you to incorporate drywall! Manufactured homes more frequently incorporate luxury features. You can find models with walk-in closets, luxury bathtubs, fully-equipped kitchens, and spacious living spaces and bedrooms. In the past, manufactured homes have had a reputation for being poorly insulated, weak against inclement weather, and having faulty HVAC and plumbing systems.

All manufactured homes built today comply with federal building codes. Furthermore, builders have found ways to improve upon the architecture and engineering of these structures. In the twentieth century, manufactured homes were mostly designed to provide cheap living rather than comfort.

Builders have come up with creative ways to produce small, affordable homes that are extremely comfortable despite their smaller sizes and costs. Builders combine several different shipping containers to build out rooms. In short, manufactured homes come in a wide variety of styles.

Like traditional homes, you can find some that are built very cheaply, and you can also find some that are built luxuriously. But most manufactured homes in occupy a comfortable middle ground between the two. The cost of manufactured homes varies widely depending on the state and the style of home. If a manufactured home is built the same size as a site-built home, the manufactured home would still be cheaper.

When a home is built on-site, construction might be delayed by poor weather or storms—some storms are so severe that they damage the construction site. On the other hand, manufactured homes are built in a controlled environment—usually some kind of factory. Second, the construction process for a manufactured home is much more streamlined and efficient.

These houses are basically constructed on an assembly line. The builders source materials in large quantities, which makes them cheaper, and the assembly-line model is a lot cheaper than hiring on-site construction crews. They include:. The cost of the manufactured home will be higher if you choose to incorporate more luxurious features. Make sure you consider land expenses before you purchase. Land is pretty expensive to buy in most places.

But many buyers choose to lease land in a mobile home park or other communities for manufactured homes. This is usually a more affordable option. Remember, manufactured homes are designed to be moved from place to place. By leasing a plot of land, it would be easier for you to move the house if you find a more desirable location down the road. Of course, you can also place a manufactured home on a property that you already own.

Somebody needs to deliver your manufactured home from the factory. Most of the time, this expense is dependent on the distance the home needs to be transported and whether or not it can be delivered by one vehicle or if it requires multiple vehicles. Most buyers choose to place their manufactured home on a foundation.

This ensures the building is well-protected from earthquakes, and it also improves the durability of the house. Some communities for manufactured homes may already have foundations laid out. When your manufactured home is delivered, it still needs to be hooked up with local utilities: electricity, gas, water, and plumbing. These communities may already have utility systems, in which case it will be far easier to link them to your home.

This can get very pricey, especially if you need to lay down pipes.

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Welcome back, How cool is this! In all of my 18 years I did not think I would be making a video like this. What a crazy feeling it is to be able to give something meaningful to a family you care about. It has been a few weeks since making the video below and…. Stacey lives and invests in Southern California. Over the last few months Stacy has been getting a crash course in real-world mobile home investing in the southern California market. John Fedro 28 Comments.

Creating value and making money with mobile homes on private land, outside of pre-existing mobile home parks, is not typically a real estate niche that many real estate investors consider pursuing. Even many mobile home investor shy away from investing in mobile homes attached to private land when first beginning to invest in mobile homes.

Watch their stories below and safely continue building your own mobile home investing business locally. John Fedro 13 Comments. Welcome back. We hope you and your family are safe and doing well during these weird and changing times. As mobile home investors I believe we will be positioned very well to help mobile home sellers and mobile home buyers in the near future.

Drew is helping one park and one family at a time. Please contact an independent financial professional for advice regarding your specific situation. We do our best to maintain current information. If you have any questions or see any errors please alert us immediately at support mobilehomeinvesting.

Thanks for visiting. Mobile Home Investing with the Land Included John Fedro 28 Comments Creating value and making money with mobile homes on private land, outside of pre-existing mobile home parks, is not typically a real estate niche that many real estate investors consider pursuing. Looking for something specific? Search for:. John Fedro: Hi Kim, Thank you for reaching out and connecting John Fedro: Hi Matthew, Thank you for reaching out and connec Ramin: Hello John, I am an investor who is new to the id Kim: I recently transfered mobile home total to my name Did my first deal.

Thank you and your program for making believed that all of this is possible. Carlos Tenn. Thank you John for being so helpful. Judy Berrett FL. Thomas T. We just closed and sold our 7th mh on payments and 13th deal to date!! I honestly never thought I could say that and a year ago that seemed so far away. I knew nothing about investing. And as a result, I confused investing with speculating. And it cost me dearly. I actually had a chance to invest in a mobile home park back in those days.

I swiftly turned my nose up at that opportunity. And I can imagine that you might have the same reaction. I like the subtitle. See below. When I look back on my years of real estate investing and think of my worst mistakes, three mobile home investments top the list. These were some of the impetus for co-launching our How to Lose Money podcast over three years ago.

Though there are exceptions, trailer tenants are some of the more difficult tenants out there. Every single mobile home park investor I know avoids owning individual mobile homes. There is no end to the stories I could tell you from my experiences. And I hear the same thing from top industry pros. Almost all successful mobile home park investors own and operate the dirt and infrastructure of the park.

Mobile homes are also the only asset to my knowledge that can be financed for purchase through Section 8. Did you know that? I am actually a fan of the last category. Modular homes are homes that are built to stick-built site-constructed standards, but they are pre-assembled in factories and set up onsite.

There are many advantages to this type of construction. This was especially advantageous to a real estate investor me who did not have a construction background. It limited my risk, time, and hassle in constructing new homes. And I built about seven of these in the early part of the century I still love saying that.

I made money on each one contrasting with losing tens of thousands on one of the two ground-up construction homes I built. I hope so. The modular home saga included a lot of drama and hassle, and it was never as profitable as predicted on paper.

I was just trading hours and effort for dollars. My firm, joined by a growing tribe of friends and investors, vets best-in-class operators in the mobile home and self-storage space and invests heavily with them. We are enjoying the fruits of a wonderful asset class without the hassle and risk of operating the assets ourselves. This is my favorite investing strategy. Here is a list of why we love this asset class:. Have you let the trailer park stigma keep you out of this recession-resistant asset class or are you all-in on mobile home parks?

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Mobile Home Park Investing Strategies

Does the idea of investing in Mobile Homes intrigue or overwhelm you? In this book, you'll learn the steps to be successful as you follow my journey from an. Is your lack of cash holding you back from your real estate dreams? Discover the creative real estate financing techniques that savvy investors are using to do. The Creative Real Estate Mastery Podcast opens your mind to the real action plans and niche selection of the top real estate investors in the U.S., and helps.