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Kaye lee forex converter

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Once I discovered the system was working, trading became a lot less complicated. It is about trust — trusting your experience, trusting your education, trusting yourself, and most importantly, trusting your strategy. I believe that trading is a journey. I always set big goals, because setting big goals has been vital to my success. Once set, I was driven to put the effort in to achieve these goals. Even today after 15 years as a trader, I set big goals, I follow a strict routine and I treat every trading day as the most important day.

One final piece of advice for anybody still in the infancy of their trading is this: build a trade plan with clearly defined rules, back test your system, and journal all your trades in a spreadsheet with an explanation of why you entered the trade and how you managed the trade. Review your trade journal once a week and your trade plan once a quarter.

Success is a formula that anyone can achieve if they want it. This seven part video series includes a rules based methodology which is the same one used by Top Forex Targets to train clients of FCA regulated brokerages in the City of London. In the course we outline 10 well defined rules that can be used to execute trades in a professional trading routine as well as explaining the data and the maths behind the process and why it works.

With the course comes the Trading Dashboard excel spreadsheet to help traders form a consistant and professional trading routine. Forex Tester is a software that simulates trading in the Forex market, so you can learn how to trade profitably, create, test and refine your strategy for manual and automatic trading. Forex historical data is a must for back testing and trading. Forex data can be compared to fuel and software that uses this data is like an engine.

Quick and simple tool for traders to structure their trading ideas into the EAs and indicators. EFB helps traders save time and money. Get trade-ready strategies and indicators right away with NO coding skills required! Software to copy trades between accounts. Software that opens trades in a fraction of a second with a built-in risk management calculator. We appreciate your interest in our interactive educational course.

Look out for our email. We offer an unconditional day money back guarantee. If you need a refund, please visit this link , fill the Feedback Form and press the "Send request" button, after that our system will process your request and your money will be returned in a few business days. Over 5 terabytes of data for more than symbols are available in a paid subscription. ES JP. What is historical data? Symbols and currency pairs Data sources Buy data subscription. Download Free Desktop Application Test your trading strategies at sonic speed on 20 years of real historical data.

Top Forex sources. Looking for an effective Forex trading course? Top sources on how to learn Forex trading easily. They also provide trading newsletters and live webinars of famous currency market experts, creating professional growth for its collaborators such as the banks, brokers, analysts and educators as well as to its audience in all levels. Technical analysis or fundamental analysis.

Which technical analysis tools do you use, which news do you pay attention the most? Backtesting or spontaneous trading. Do you backtest; if so what do you do for this? Manual trading or automated trading. If you have EAs free of for sale — it is a good place to mention them.

Long-term or short-term or scalping strategies. Which time frames, currency pairs are you trading? Trading Setups Review tradingsetupsreview. Timon forexreviews. Some other important things: Homepage - forexreviews. Forex Trading Big forextradingbig. Theo electrofx. Technical analysis of price action and support resistance with awareness of any major news.

Both, backtesting is a great tool I advise people to use to learn how to use the software I provide and also gain trading practice at the same time. Manual Trading using my included software to semi-automate, leaving the important decisions to you and then set and forget the rest, Fully Automated trading using my other included software is also available to my VIP members New for very basic software is included with free membership and all of my advanced software is included with VIP membership, listed here - Upgrade Your Membership Personally I like short term swing trading that some may even call scalping and I use price based charts which have no actual timeframe, but my methods are scalable to work at any 'speed' short term, medium term, or long term, and also work on candlestick charts.

My free basic lessons which do not require even free membership are quite popular looking at my analytics, Basically they start here - Forex Trading Basics Then at the bottom of each page there is an arrow to go to the next lesson and also a menu down the left side to navigate.

Once the visitor reaches the last lesson of that section the arrow will them take them here - Forex Trading Strategies The last lesson of that section then takes the visitor to the join page for free membership. The top 3 of those basic lessons according to google are: The Three Not So Common Charts Applying Risk Reward Forex Trading Basics The 3 main insights I give any new and interested trader is: Stick with pure price action and stay away from indicators, oscillator style indicators in particular.

Risk: reward can make or break you so you better understand it fully. Make sure your trading plan has defined rules for all possible outcomes, when you are trading live you should just be able to react and not sit there thinking about what to do. John forex-central. I believe flexible rules are best. For example, sometimes it's a good idea to adapt to major news announcements, such as the NFP report. Major news announcements can make or break a trade, and I will sometimes close a winning trade right before it reaches a Take Profit level as the high volatility that characterises such news publications can also ruin an otherwise profitable trade.

I prefer to rely on price action. Indicators are often lagging. In terms of price action, I'm a big fan of pin bars. Pin bars help identify - within the timeframe you're observing - cases where price is highly likely to reverse in direction.

I tend to rely more on technical analysis, but fundamental news can also guide my decisions. Only time I ever backtested was when I worked for Rothschild in Paris. Manual trading. Admitedly, I haven't experimented much with EAs. Even though rules are often useful, human discretion can sometimes save you from entering into bad trades.

I used to scalp, but have moved on to short and medium-term strategies a few hours is ideal for me, some positions will even span a few days. Scalping is subject to many elements we can't control the big banks seem to pull strings that I can't see as a home-based trader and trying to pull a profit in a few short minutes isn't easy, at least for me it isn't. Always keep in mind the big news releases. Their impact can make or break a trade.

Never force yourself to trade; if you don't find a setup or opportunity that you feel strongly about, don't force yourself to enter a trade for the sake of being in the market. Sometimes the best trade is to NOT trade! Johan forexmasters. We can even make highly accurate predictions about future moves. There are precise rules for when to trade for where and when to enter the market for how long to stay in a trade for where to exit a trade.

We are using a combination of indicators and price action. We use mainly technical analysis in the trading, but take fundamentals into consideration as well. I do not believe in backtesting. I have been developing automated trading systems for many years, and sometimes you will find fabulous results with a certain concept when backtesting, and then it will fail miserably when trading the live markets. We will test concepts on a demo account in real time, and if it works successfully, then we know we can apply the same concepts successfully on a live account.

Naturally this process of testing is much more time consuming, but the end result is worth it. Trading is done manually for best results. We are working on an EA which will use my trading concepts for automated trading, but it is still in development and not yet ready for use.

It is very likely that it will be finished in The trading concepts can be applied to any timeframe. It can be used for scalping on tick graphs, M1and M5 graphs. Short term trades M5, M15 and H1 graphs. Medium to long term trades are done on H1, H4, D and W graphs. There unfortunately is no quick fix for learning to trade.

In order to develop into a successful trader, a person must: be dedicated be willing to put in time and effort be disciplined be able to cope with stress and fear not be greedy must have good methods There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Use the knowledge and skill of professional people to your advantage! Roy Cuzin The C-Matrix model is based on a pre-defined conditions both for trades entries and exits.

On entries however, pre-defined rules are more flexable, while on exits they are strict. The C-Matrix system is completely based on Price Action patterns. In-fact, these specific patterns have been recently discovered, and are the core structure for the C-Matrix methodology.

The C-Matrix system is a pure technical system that is based on price action patterns. The system is supported with Fibonacci retracement tool as well as additional daily moving average indicator. In other word, the price action patterns are been identified and analyzed by standard Fibonacci retracement drewing tool that has been set by a unique set of parameters. These set of parameters are the core element of the C-Matrix methodology. The C-Matrix is desined to idenify and track consolidation phases i.

The C-Marix model is manually applied. However, money management EA'S can be added, as I happen to use one. The C-Matrix can be applied on any time frame, both for day traders or swing traders. Nevertheless it is far more successfull on the longer term time scales. Personally, I use it only on the Daily and Weekly time frames with significant importance attributed to the Daily and Weekly bar close.

Focusing on the longer term time frames such as the Daily and Weekly, while staying away from the shorter time frams have done huge improvment in all aspects of my trading. Building and excecuting a systematic decision making process with a sound risk and money managment tactics in place.

Focusing too much on then numbers can remove you from how market moves. I personally dont believe in indicators to tell a trader what to do but help in what to avoid. Trade-ideas uses event based backtester so you can setup any event and run simulations on that.

I personally believe that technical analysis is fair superior then fundamental depending on time frame. I am a swing trader so for me I want to follow the price. It has been over 6 months since I started a trade myself. I dont beleive in selling automated algo. No algo works forever and its important that the trader knows how it works so they can change for changing market conditions. Personally I am a swing trader and since I trade only stocks this means having to deal with overnight holds. All of the old sayings really apply here.

Flexible rules based on market conditions. Both of them, Most powerful and common indicators and patterns. We provide the Technical Analysis and Trading Signals, but Fundamental analysis are provided by news everyday. We have tested all strategies and check the performance of them in 15 years. Manual Trading Long-term or short-term or scalping strategies.

All of them, and you can find it on Settings, Filter Notification section. Please give a link for the 1 free article or pdf on your site. Robert Taylor tradeforexmakemoney. Tom Franklin springboardyourtrading. Rayner Teo tradingwithrayner. I look at trends and find a spot to enter the market that allows me to have a predefined risk while having an unlimited upside potential.

If you have a full-time job, stick to the higher timeframes like 4-hour or daily. Second, be consistent in your actions and journal your trades. It could lead to consistently profitable trading or consistently lose.

But at least you have data to work with and know how you can improve on your trading. Finally, risk a fraction of your trading account. Even the best trading strategies will have periods of drawdown and the only way to survive is proper risk management. Urban Forex urbanforex. We use price action and our understanding of the market to anticipate it's moves. We've translated price action into a story analogy to make the different market circumstances and behaviours understandable for everyone.

We don't use indicators, because they always lag and in the end just distract us from the true price action. Neither do we use patterns trading. As mentioned in 1, we solely trade based on our understanding of the price action and not based on a pre-determined pattern or strategy. The only way we pay attention to news is by looking at the calendar and determining if the time of the news release coincides with our trade. We don't try to understand the news and we don't try to predict it.

Our technical analysis tools are the aforementioned story analogy that makes it easy to understand and anticipate what's happening. I believe the term back-testing is more applicable to strategies. We don't incorporate new strategies.

We are however, firm believers of practicing the read understanding of the story on trade simulators like Forex Tester or demo accounts. Keeping a journal of both practice and live trading is strongly advised as well. As mentioned we don't use any form of automated trading. We generally don't scalp. However, apart form that our market understanding is applicable to any time frame, any currency pair and even any kind of market.

So the market can not break the rules and it is useless to feel mad at the market. The market doesn't owe anyone anything. From this acceptance you can open your mind to learn and understand the market's behaviour. Go with the current instead of trying to fighting it. The learning trajectory is not a linear one. It will be like a trend and there will be ups and downs.

It will take time and experience, but everyone can do it and you don't need the brain of a rocket scientist to be a good trader. You just need to be persistent and passionate about being better every day. My personal trading fire really lit up when I realized it's all just a big puzzle and I love to solve puzzles.

Everyone needs to find their own fire like that. Practice a lot and keep a journal of everything you do and most importantly WHY. This always has to be a technical reason and can't be an emotional one. This will make you accountable to yourself and your learning curve will shoot up.

I see many people approach us with the worst stories about blown up accounts and huge financial losses. To prevent this, from the start, use this mantra: I always need to protect my account. Practice before you go live. When you go live you trade small, risk amounts of money that mean nothing to you even this will affect your emotion and slowly build the amounts at every stage when you are doing well and only when you are ding well.

An open door, but I still see many people ignoring it: Use stop loss. Sebastian Kuhnert tradimo. At the same time, we feature some of the world's leading courses on building automated systems for those that prefer algorithmic systems.

Indicators or Price action system. Tradimo's courses focus both on price action and indicators. At the same time, Tradimo's team provides trading signals as part of the premium subscription that are based on price action, especially breakouts, trend continuity and reversals after selloffs. The signals are based on 15 strategies and involve both options, spot and futures trading.

We have strategies, courses , experts and signals for both technical and fundamental analysis. The majority of our trades and systems are based on technical analysis but our entry points are often fundamental. Trade management is then done technically. We backtest and publish the results for our mechanical strategies such as our Forex Beginner Strategy. We have a complete guide to backtesting your strategy. Forex Tester is a great tool for backtesting. In our own trading and signals, we focus on medium-term trading.

We teach strategies and approaches for all time horizons, however. Everything from a free course on How to invest with ETFs for your own retirement fund to a specialised forex scalping course for all currency pairs. Some other important things: Please give a link for the 1 free article or pdf on your site: Our most popular free course is our Free Technical Analysis Course: learn.

Tradimo has won the Finance Magnates Award for the most innovative product. Tradimo has an open learning platform where experts can also sign up to sell their own courses. Registration is free at learn. Tradimo offers complete Nanodiplomas to become a certified Forex Trader, Investor, Cryptocurrency Trader, Day Trader and many more which combine the best courses for any specific learning goal in the idea order and include also practical projects guided by a professional mentor that provides personal feedback to the student.

James Lawrence ktafx. We also compare the force of moves through specific, notable fundamental trading periods. For E. This can be segmented for: Results on par, missing forecast and beating forecast. We scalp some days as and when volume is at a high point and activity is increasing from Asia rollover into London time. If we see short term daily scalp opportunities, we only look to make pips per trade, times per day.

Some sessions, there may only be one strong opportunity. Purely because the Gpb is in a strong confluent uptrend and has a lot of gaps to fill post-brexit going by pre-brexit prices. Also at the same time the BOJ has made it apparent that they are happy to keep rates low currently 0.

Not just with trading but in every day life, with regard to social life, family and hobbies. Learn the markets and by that I mean, befriend the industry, become familiar with it and love it. But there is no substitute from simply ploughing through charts and putting the man hours in familiarising yourself with say 10 currencies of your choice and their price charts over the past years. You will subconsciously learn so much. A lot of the big breakouts and consolidating patterns will be subliminally embedded into your brain and this will help you in some deep albeit very slight way when it comes to trading that pair.

Lex van Dam lexvandam. As an experienced hedge fund manager, Lex believes that you must be prepared to adapt to any market environment in order to make money consistently. Scott Barkley proacttraders. Some other important things: Please give a link for the 1 free article or pdf on your site: proacttraders. Kiana Danial investdiva. No Manual trading or automated trading. Manual Long-term or short-term or scalping strategies. Kar Yong alphaplay. In terms of opening trades, we have a pre-defined rules based on certain set of algorithm and rules.

However, depending on the market conditions and how price develops after the entry, we have adopt a discretionary method in managing and exiting our trades. Price action system. Our analysis and trading is based on the concept of Elliott Wave Principles. The few main price action patterns that we trade include the ZigZag pattern and the diagonal patterns.

Technical indicators that we use are fibonacci ratios and RSI. We use the fundamental news such as the various economic data as a potential catalyst to support our technical direction established. We also look into the macro environment as part of our fundamental analysis. Would love to have a programme like forex tester, which I strongly believe can benefit our community of traders too. I trade both long-term and short-term, which means I do have two different strategies for this.

For the long term strategy, I look at all currency pairs that include the 8 major currencies. Some other important things: This is a detail report on our analysis and outlook for Risk management is definitely the number one. Commitment and dedication in learning about the market. Self awareness and consciousness. Trading is not just about the market, but also the understanding of oneself. This includes the psychology and personality of ourselves.

Only by understanding ourselves, we can be aware of our psychology and emotions towards trading. And from there, we start to develop ourselves to a better trader. Answer: Indicators based trading system. Answer: Both Comments: We never use back testing software as they do not always fully work.

Some other important things: Stick to your strategy no matter what; Either make money from your strategy or find out the strategy is not fully reliable But never trade with emotions. No one indicator is perfect. Never trade against government policies or decisions.

They own the markets. Vladimir Ribakov tradersacademyclub. Interest rates, Employment changes. It is all about the statistics. All my strategies include an EA. Andrew Mitchem theforextradingcoach. Rafal Zuchowicz fx. If you have EAs free or for sale — it is a good place to mention them. Traders4Traders traders4traders. I would say our methodology is more price action.

We get our entry levels from the technicals and the fundamentals give us currency direction. Our entry levels are in a precise position to avoid the discombobulated price action you get close to trendlines. Both technical and fundamental analysis are important.

Plus the market is changing day to day with international geopolitical influences, so back testing beyond a few weeks is a waste of time. So if you go back 10 years and back test it your looking at market conditions which are extremely different. All of our trading decisions are manual. We trade all majors and most crosses. A trader should have a full range of strategies that enables them to capture short term and long term opportunities. Technical analysis provides entry and exit level ONLY.

Fundamental analysis provides currency direction ONLY. This is how trading really is! James Orr Decisive Trading teaches the ability to read price action structure and interpret what the market is telling you. We use a number of price action tools to identify high probability trading zones. We always look to the market for clues as to what we should be doing. We use price action with a couple of simple indicators to make it easier and faster to interpret the market data in certain situations.

We focus on technical analysis at Decisive Trading. We look to protect our accounts during high impact news releases by going flat the market. This allows us to avoid a lot of the dangers surrounding large slippage and the associated losses incurred through news event trading. We always backtest our systems rigorously. Decisive Trading founder James Orr trades every day.

He evolves his methods alongside the market, so you are never left behind with an outdated system. We only use manual trading at Decisive Trading. If the banks spend hundreds of millions of pounds each year to build and maintain automated systems that they protect vigorously then it is unlikely that someone sitting in their bedroom can code a consistently profitable automatic trading system. We mainly focus on the short term, looking at 5 minute and 10 minute timeframes when day trading.

However, there is also education available for longer term trend trading and swing trading. Some Other Important Things When it comes to trading, there is a wealth of information available online. Mostly fundamental with technically selected entries, exits. We use very few indicators, mostly pivots and fibs.

The importance of news items vary with time and as the various economies develop, but most important are: GDP, inflation and employment, and of course, central bank events. We do not back test. We offer a signal service. This is as close as it comes to an EA or hands off approach for the public. Our trading principles, with the necessary adjustments, can be applied short, medium and long term.

Trade the correct way: always have a fundamental reason for a trade, use technical analysis to determine the optimum entry, limit your risk, work on your psychology. Do not use leverage on a small account, focus on conservative, but consistent gains. FX Academy fxacademy. We recommend flexible rules for opening and closing trades based upon a proper understanding of market fluctuations and a solid trading strategy with clear risk management rules in place. Price action is best, analyzing simple momentum on multiple time frames simultaneously.

If you must use an indicator, RSI on multiple time frames is the best. Technical analysis is far superior to fundamental analysis, which should only ever be used as a filter to technical analysis. You can make money using only technical analysis much more easily than you can make money with only fundamental analysis.

As the U. Dollar drives the Forex market, U. Back testing should always be undertaken, ideally with excel or programmed software to cover thousands of samples over a multi-year period. Forex Tester is good for discretionary back testing. An automated system of alerts with manual discretion over whether to take the trade is probably the best overall solution for most traders. Some other important things: Please give a link for the 1 free article or pdf on your site - introduction to forex trading Nevertheless, we believe that investing the necessary time to properly learn about the markets and to build proper technical strategies for success is a worthwhile time investment that will be returned many times over with a long and profitable trading career.

Vic Patel forextraininggroup. I trade using a combination of price action and market structure. I pay very close attention to Elliott wave formations, especially when there is alignment with Fib ratios. I am a purely technical trader, but I do monitor high volatility news events and try to avoid taking new positions and look to take risk off during these types of events.

I would not even think of trading any strategy or system without having backtested it first. I usually backtest manually off the price charts and like to go back at least 5 years or so. I have a watchlist of about 24 currency pairs, including all majors and most minors. I stay away from exotics due to liqudity concerns and wide spreads. My core method is swing based and trades can last anywhere from about 2 days to 10 days on average. I started to becom a consistently profitable trader when I was finally able to 1 think of trading in terms of probability and defined edges 2 begin to separate the negative emotions caused by losing trades and shift my mindset to realizing that losing trades are just the cost of doing business and 3 most importantly using a strict fixed fractional money management approach limiting risk on any trade to 1.

I am involved with building trading algorithm concepts, and trade assistant tools, but I haven't made a 'set and forget' trading algorithm which you can turn on, and go spend time at the beach while it makes you money The 'computer' in between your ears can analyze more data than you realize.

Plus there is no better feeling of being in a monster trade that you were able to catch with your own analysis, and trading execution. I know all about indicators, I have even made a few, but most indicators are just repeating to you what you can see on the chart anyway. Most traders are chasing that 'buy on green, sell on red' kind of indicator, and go way too far down that rabbit hole. Technical Analysis - With my price action trading, my technical analysis includes techniques like top-down analysis combining higher time frame analysis with your trading time frame analysis.

Candlestick patterns are usually the final part of my trading decision, and I use them as a frame work to build my trade order around. One of my matras is "trade what you see, not what you think" , so I am very conditioned to looking at price charts and making my decision based on what I see there, not what the news might be suggesting.

Back Testing - Absolutely, this is a no-brianer. As technical traders, we're relying on finding patterns that repetitively appear in the market history that tend to produce the same outcome. If you're not studying market history, you won't truly know these patterns your trading. Right now I am venturing into programing tools to do extensive back testing for me, which means even to this day Manual Trading - It's very hard to create a fully automatic trading strategy.

First there is a learning curve to becoming fluent in the programing language - then you've got to develop an algorithm which some of the smartest people in the Forex community are trying to do. Sometimes you see well performing algorithms on signal provider websites, but they have a short shelf life, and stop working when the winds change direction in the markets.

So manual trading is your best chance to make something happen for you in the Forex market, once you've got manual trading mastered, then you can venture into Algorithmic trading and see how you go. Long-term - I consider myself a swing trader, and a breakout trader. So I am more of a medium term to long term trader. My successful trades usually last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks in length.

I don't believe in short term time frame strategies, I believe the price action there is noisy and distorted due to the lack of data and substance in the candlesticks. Most new traders love to go on the lower time frames and pump out trades, and get the adrenaline pumping.

But most will soon discover it doesn't work like that, for me it's all about "quality, not quantity" when it comes to time frames and trading signals. Here are my top articles on price action trading: theforexguy. Plan the Trade, and Trade the Plan Extending on a little from the point above - most traders actually do very well planning out a great trade idea, and do a good job executing the idea. Trading system based on indicators or price action. Sign in. Accessibility help Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer.

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Forex analiz yorum We use mainly technical analysis in the trading, but take fundamentals into consideration as well. And some of the more obscure pairs called "exotics" may have wider spreads than the major pairs. No support and resistance zones needed Exit strategy Move the stop loss above the next higher low in a buy trade and lower low in a sell trade. I use a combination of structure areas in the market, in particular high time frame structure areas, technical tools such as trend lines, candlestick formations, structure retest patterns and fibonacci retracement confluences. Understanding risk management is key.
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Kaye lee forex converter No algo works forever and its important that the trader knows how it works so they can change for changing market conditions. Once we have everything set up, we will send you an email to confirm your subscription. I also like to try new strategies and EAs. Rob provides an unrivalled insight into the way the Forex market really works, and teaches traders how to position themselves on the correct side of the market. Top Forex sources. Do you back test; if so what do you do for this? This way, future trades placed will also become clearer.
Belarusian ruble exchange rate online forex I do not believe in backtesting. Forex Speed Up free. We mainly focus on the short term, looking at 5 minute and 10 minute timeframes when day trading. Show me! Renko charts are a type of Japanese candlestick charts that do not make use of time, but focus purely on price.
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Trading Tools. Live Charts. Economic Calendar. Broker Spreads Comparison Tool. Broker Swaps Comparison Tool. Academy Home. Forex Widgets. You must enter a valid number. Exchange Rate History. Is this article helpful? Since , the Xe Currency Converter has provided free mid-market exchange rates for millions of users.

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