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Forex factory indicators for mt4 indicator east spring investment

Forex factory indicators for mt4 indicator

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This gives you the same possibilities as with your manual trading. You can program your robot to close positions e. I will now show you some important configuration possibilities of the indicator to improve your manual trading. Later I will show how the indicator can be used by a robot.

Please note that there low, medium and high impact economic events. But from my experience only the high impact news can really shake the market. The default configuration shows all news events low, medium and high impact. Because there are a lot of events during each trading week it can be very distracting to see the low and medium news which have little to no effect on the price moves.

Low and medium impact news are then disabled and will not be shown in the list on the panel and they will not be shown as vertical lines on the chart. With this setting you can focus on the news that have the potential to really move the markets. A further good configuration possibility is to remove the panel from the chart. The panel takes a lot of space to display the information.

I only wanted to show the in my opinion most important configurations to make your trading easier and hopefully more profitable. But in my opinion the best use case is to use it in an expert advisor to close trades before the news or only allow new trades e. My trading career started in Since I have helped thousands of traders to take their trading to the next level. Many of them are now constantly profitable traders. Only the most volatile news , is generally taken into account, but it also happens that news of low importance incites the movement of an asset.

You can come across different approaches and strategies for news trading. However, we would like to remind you once again that trading during the releases is associated with an increased risk. We recommend you to use the indicator only to avoid having open trades during news releases.

When creating this indicator, we also wanted it to draw your attention only when it's really needed. All the analogs we have seen display loads of data mostly in the center of the chart unnecessarily cluttering it.

We prefer simplicity and compactness. Therefore, all marks were put in the lower part of the graph so as not to disturb your trading. Info panel. Left-click on the news opens the window with detailed information on the upcoming news release in the bottom-right corner of the chart. To close the window, just click it. It will also disappear by itself when a new candlestick appears. Navigate between news. You can switch between news by clicking the arrows below the info panel.

The selected news will be highlighted:. Filter news by importance and currencies. In the settings, you can specify for which currencies countries and degree of importance to display news. Grouping news. If several news releases have the same publication time, they will be grouped.

Filter News by Currencies. This setting allows you to set for which currencies the news will be displayed. Defined Currencies. You can manually specify the currencies you want to see on the chart. Filter By Volatility. Usually, the news has three types according to the impact degree on the market: high of high importance , medium of medium importance , and low of low importance. Past news will be displayed for [behind] hours, and upcoming ones will be displayed [ahead] hours before the release.

News is only available for the current week. So if you select to display news for the past couple of weeks, you will only see those for the current week. Server Time Offset. Selects the time zone. This parameter affects the news location on the chart. Although the time zone is detected automatically, you should check whether the news is correctly located.

If not, set the required time zone manually in the indicator settings. Display Symbol Names. Text Position. Determines whether to place text at the top or the bottom of the chart window. Show Tooltips. If enabled, you will see a tooltip when hovering over the news label. It shows the information about the importance, the exact time, and the name of the news. Indicator Position. Select the chart corner where the news information window will be displayed.

Sets the offset of the information window from the chart window borders. Color Scheme. By default, the indicator automatically detects the color scheme depending on the chart background. If necessary, select the desired color scheme from the list. Alert Method. Select the notification method suitable for you: sound file or alert pop-up window. You can also disable the notifications. Notify Before N Minutes. Notifies you a specified number of minutes before the upcoming news release.

Sound File. Select a sound file to play.

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TOP best indicators: post good indicators here ยท 1. The number 1 website every trader should definitely know is the new version of Forex TSD (mladen) which. MT4/MT5 EAs/Indicators/Alerts coder The indicator works with other brokers only not with Elite Technology. Recommended TF and pairs: M15, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF and more pairs. Indicator works on every account MT4/MT5 (cent, micro.