660 euro chf forex
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660 euro chf forex

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More tools. Based on 0 reviews. Please, support my work with like, Waves A and B were simple enough but wave C was a different story! A really complex flat correction. We have however come to the completion zone for the correction which is the structure level at 1. We're anticipating wave 3 soon, which is often the biggest wave! Trade Idea: - Watch for price to come down To get good profit on the bullish wave 3, get in either 1. Take all of my analysis as my own opinion, as entertainment, and at your own risk.

I assume no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of this page, and they are for educational purposes only. Any action you take on Welcome back! Here's an analysis of this pair! We recommend that you keep this pair on your watchlist and enter when the entry criteria of your strategy is met. POW reversal in use for this idea. Following on from yesterday's idea we have a long trade alert this morning. Swiss news this morning has caused a big job in price and enough to trigger a long reversal trade.

That trade is live and running as I write this. Green printed label shows all trade details. Chart also shows Price break the channel wait for retest look for sell in lower time frames,,. Watch for continuation for more upside. Good Luck. Are you bearish on it? Finally breaks the trend line If this post was useful to you, do not forget to like and comment.

Good morning fellow traders. As usual, you can read my notes on the chart for my thoughts on this setup. Enjoy the day all. We are currently on the C wave, subwave 4. Expecting price to retest the fibonacci before moving lower. SHORT Trade Idea: - Watch for rejection of fib and you can take a risk entry with tight stops above recent highs - For safe break, watch for the bear correction to break with The price after a false breakdown of resistance falls to the support of the rising channel.

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EUR/CHF: Don't Miss the Move! (Here's What Gary is Doing)

Range of derivative investment platforms - 85% of retail derivative accounts lose money. The EUR/CHF mid-market exchange rate today is That means that if you convert EUR to CHF you'll get CHF. It's worth knowing that the mid-. Convert EUR to CHF. View the Euro to Swiss Franc Exchange Rate and send money to Switzerland ( EUR to CHF). Euro to Swiss Franc =