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Dictionary for a forex trader

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By continuing to use our site you accept that you agree to this. Privacy Sitemap. Search the site. FIX 4. Type of account associated with the order Origin. Used to assign an overall allocation id to the block of preallocations. Number of repeating groups for pre-trade allocation. Specifies the number of repeating TradingSessionIDs. Used to identify soft trades at order entry. Number of underlyings. Useful for verifying security identification. Required for short sell orders. Absence of this field indicates Day order.

Can specify the time at which the order should be considered valid. States whether executions are booked out or accumulated on a partially filled GT order. For use in derivatives omnibus accounting. For use with derivatives, such as options. The target strategy of the order. Supplementary registration information for this Order. Here's our easy forex dictionary to get you up to speed with forex trading jargon so you'll understand trading terms in no time.

This blog is part of our new Make It Happen series, a series of blogs aimed at total beginners to forex: for people working a full-time job, with little capital to start off with, and limited time to learn how to trade. Sound familiar? Don't know your stop loss from your slippage?

Don't worry - here we've compiled an easy forex glossary with definitions of the most commonly used terms, so you can feel comfortable trading. Whether you want to write flash cards and pin these to your wall, or take notes on your phone, here are the terms to memorise:. Currency pair : The currency pair is the exchange rate between two currencies.

Margin trading : A highly leveraged trading form that involves borrowing money from your broker to open a trade position. Leverage allows you to trade with more funds. What is margin? Leverage : Borrowed money from your broker to increase the size of your trading. What is leverage? Technical analysis : A trading discipline used by many traders to forecast prices by studying past market data, primarily price and volume.

Read more about technical analysis here. What is forex technical analysis? Pips : Pips or points as they are also known are the smallest price increment available on the market. Most currency pairs trade within 10 to 15 pips and each pip is equal to 0. For example, if you buy British pounds versus US dollars and the bid price is 1. Fundamental analysis : Fundamental analysis involves studying economic indicators, such as a country's GDP, government deficits, consumer debt levels, and inflation rate, to predict future trends in currency exchange rates.

What is fundamental analysis? Candlestick patterns are not just on the daily charts but can apply to shorter time frames as well. Lots : These are the standard size of orders for a currency pair. The number of lots you trade will depend on your chosen pip value, capital, and risk level. A minor currency pair is one that trades less often and has less volatility. The first currency in the pair is the base or quote currency, while the second is known as the counter or transactions currency.

Slippage : Slippage occurs when there is a difference between the quoted and actual prices due to a price adjustment at the time of execution. Market volatility : Market volatility measures how much the price of security ebbs and flows. The value of a stock rises and falls over time. Time frames : A period that the trader waits for an order to close.

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Trade: It is simply the exchange of one thing for another, that is, the exchange of a commodity for money, or in other words, the purchase of something. Cover Photo: Forex Dictionary Fundamental traders's photo, with caption 'WHAT IS FOREX❓. Forex Dictionary Fundamental traders. Wij zijn een educatief platform die traders begeleidt van A tot Z. Dit doen wij doormiddel 1 op Kleverstraat 3, Moerkerke, Belgium.