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Formatted tables in stata forex forex thieves

Formatted tables in stata forex

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To see the codes in action, download this do file and execute. The file extension should be changed from doc to do after download. If we already have dates in weekly, monthly, or quarterly frequencies, we can convert them back to daily dates and then to other frequencies. The second column in the following table provides an example of a given format in which the date is already recorded, and the third column presents the code which shall convert the date to the desired frequency.

A very useful and concise post on Stata dates. I shall add it to my favorites and come back for quick reference when need to convert dates in Stata. You can use asdoc for regression output. The standard outreg2 regression output can be generated by asdoc as shown in this post For t-statistics, use the option rep t.

What if you have multiple date formats in the same dataset e. Chris, If you have all these dates in the same column, then you can extract the date or year separately from each format. Where the format does not match the code, the newly created variable shall then contain missing values. We would then use the replace command with the if condition to fill the missing values using again a matching format. For example. Testobe Agar October 25, at pm - Reply. Shahzad Hussain October 25, at pm - Reply.

No worries, help is on the way! Below is a frequency table of a categorical variable that I highlighted in the results window, copied, and then pasted. There is no formatting—what a mess. Copy as a picture looks much better but the border is very wide. This makes the result window smaller. Drag the right edge of the results window over to the left side of your table.

Now you can move it to the right, left or center of the page. Ever run a do-file that produces a number of graphs? As soon as you produce a new graph the old graph disappears. How can you bring it back? So anytime you create a new graph it removes the prior graph from memory.

You have two options to get around this problem. Name the graph and Stata will store it in memory for the rest of your session. Or save it in your working directory and re-use it whenever you want. What if you want to see two or more graphs on one page? Use the combine option.

Were you ever asked to show how you got your results? Did you try copying and pasting everything in your results window? Before you start an analysis, start recording a log file. When you start recording a log file you have to name it.

Advanced tip: How do you get a lovely copy of a log file that includes the line numbers of your do-file? This is the extension that needs the Stata viewer in order to read it. If you have to give a printed copy of this to someone without the viewer, use the translate command to convert your file into a pdf. This log file pdf has all of the results that came across my Stata results window.

It saved everything but the graphs. But of course I saved them as a combined pdf. Jeff Meyer is a statistical consultant with The Analysis Factor, a stats mentor for Statistically Speaking membership, and a workshop instructor. Read more about Jeff here. I used this code to convert. I had created a demo log. Then gave following command.

It may be different from when I wrote that blog, which was a couple of years ago. I have over model outputs that needed to be saved from Stata. And I am so thankful to God I found your blog post. Your log-file method is a gem of an idea! Even the Stata technical service did not tell me that. Would you be writing an update to this post, if there have been developments..? Start the do-file with the command to create a log file. Add the command at the end to close your log file. Next use the translate command shown in the blog above to convert your file to a pdf.

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Exporting Summary Tables from Stata to Excel and Word

Finally, formatting of cell contents is simple, and allows users to choose the number of decimal places, and to insert percentage symbols and currency symbols. [TABLES] Stata Customizable Tables and Collected Results Reference Manual. [TS] formatted minimum time e(tmaxs) Diebold, F. X. Stata Survival Analysis and Epidemiological Tables Reference Manual. [TS] formatted minimum time e(tmaxs) Diebold, F. X.